Samarella's Journal

Update From Earlier

  • The journey after loosing a child is anything but linear.  Nothing wrong with having bad days even 3 years later.  I anticipate that I will, gosh, probably even 40 years later.  ;)

    Keep your eyes on counting down those 20 days.  Sometimes when I feel so low the only thing that can pull me out is having that one goal to look at and try to meet.

    You are in my thoughts as always,


  • I think the feelings that you have are so normal.  The pain never goes away because death is forever.  It's hard to figure out how to live with death.  

    I can't wait to see you in DC!!  My flight is booked and I'm ready to go!


  • Im sorry,you are always going to miss your lil Trinity and what could and should have been...i know my pain over losing Ashley will never go away,no matter how many months or years go by...want you to know my thoughts are with you....and would love for you to add my angel-Ashley Wain-to the dec you are making...such a lovely and positive thing to do in honour of our angels,i might do the same...hugs..chantelle...