Samarella's Journal


  • your boys are adorable.  Jaxson needs to come rock out with my little guy C who loves to dance/play music.    I remember the battles my mom went through with the school and my younger brother.  She actually went back to school and took special ed classes so she could better understand it and get him the help he needs.  Hope it all works out for you on that end.

  • LOL!!!  Full body best friend's two year old is well on his way too!!  I love Jaxson's crazy hair and Jadon trying to hide the gift in his crown is priceless!!!  I can't believe how fast they're both growing and changing.  Keep pressing for that 504....eventually they'll see that you're not going to stop and will honor it.  



  • The boys are adorable and their smiles a reflection of your amazing mothering!

    For what it's worth, one of my favorite books when thinking about "strong willed" kids who are also struggling to show their true potential in school is "The Explosive Child" by Dr. Ross Greene, it's a fabulous and easy to read book... and his ideas are practical and his premise sound and compassionate.  Just a for what it's worth.



  • Thank you so much Ladies!!!

  • Such little cuties! :)  



  • Lol. Keira had her first set of stitches at a year old and it has been down hill since then. No full body cast yet but she's working on it. :)