Samarella's Journal


  • Oh my gosh look at those big ole' cheeks!  Adorable!  I too can not believe how big he is, and what a trooper to kick RSV like he did.  All kiddos are so different.  

    I absolutely love Jadon's question about dinosaur pets!  What an inquisitive lil' dude!  I think all kids come into their own at their own time and I am hopeful that he will find is niche.

    Hugs momma,


  • Sam, your boys are beautiful!!!  Thank you for sharing those pics.  Big hugs around this time of year!


  • I hope that the meds help Jadon. I am glad that Jaxson is doing better. I was so scared when the doctor told me he Kai had RSV. I know how you felt. HUGS to you durring this time. It is so hard some days. Your boys are so cute love the pictures.


  • I think he's on the right track to making more friends.  Sometimes our preemies are so "protected" by us, it takes them a while to feel comfortable making new friends.  (least that's how it is here!)  

    Love the pics!!  


  • Samantha:

    Love the pic! Jaxson is getting so big, so does Jadon... When you described Jadon's hobbies, sounded like you were describing my S, the same. I am so glad Jadon new medicine is working better, and for the socially issue, I think all of us get the same worries, but I am sure he is doing fine, hugs on the presents opening..