Samarella's Journal


  • I am so sorry you were disappointed by the walk. Maybe if you volunteer to help set up a SYS table she will be more receptive to the idea? I can send you some of the stuff we did this year. It was the first year we did it and a lot of families stopped and took the info that we set out. I talked to so many moms who had losses or NICU experiences. They were interested in telling their stories. The point maybe you should make with her is that the average life of a team is 5 years and most of the teams who are long term teams are loss teams. We really need to offer support to these teams. It is critical to the mission and the walk. We need to support our teams every way that we can! I love that so many of us walked "together" yesterday! Miss you.


  • For what its worth I was at the Chicago walk today- HUGE walk- I went to every tent- zero Share info.  I think when the new site launches there will be a much bigger MOD internal push to publicize as we'll be ready to support and host so many more families.

    Also- at our walk what gets done for family teams is what I not only suggest but then run myself.  Sometimes what you provide to the MOD as a family team isn't the dimes you raise- it's the time you give- and it is just as important.  

    I think walks are volunteer short, so to not only provide them the idea and then the resources and volunteers to pull it off- wow, that would be awesome.  My family team runs the family teams tent (which didn't exist until we started it), and we do some cash fundraising (from our garage sale) and our own personal donations to fund activities in it.  This year we also got some local companies to supply activities.

    You know more than most- where there is a will, there's a way!   You can make great things happen in your backyard.



  • I can relate to the family teams not being honored. The walk in Sarasota that we did was small. It's over a bridge then over the other side of the bridge. There is nothing along the walk to remind you why you are walking. I understand that it may be hard to put things on the bridge for safety that it will fall in the water. But there were a few spots that had people with snacks and drinks.

    It is sad that your community director doesn't do more. Maybe you can make a change for next year even if it is a small change. I know how much the MOD means to you just like it does to all of us. I hope that you can find the way and time to help make the walk just a little better next year then it was this year. I am glad that you were able to see 2 of Jaxsons nurses. It is always nice to see the nurses who took care of your baby.


  • I have offered to volunteer and usually the people I bring ARE the only volunteers!  I offer to do me anything she needs yet she never takes me up on the offer.  I feel like the things I do get the chance to be involved in I push my way into.    I just bummed.  When I asked her about SYS she was excited and then a few days before

  • I brought it up a few time and she was like "yeah I have the info at our corp office in Orlando."  I even called and reminded her and still nothing! I have tried so hard be be as involved as I personally can and I don't seem to get anywhere.  She was suppose to email me something with company letter head and nothing.  Reminded her multiple time and nothing.  I just feel frustrated!!!