Samarella's Journal


  • Prayers for you for calmness and for both you &  Jaxon for many more safe weeks.  By-the-way, your Trinity and I share a birthday.  Maybe that means she'll be a gaurdian angel for me & my little-one-to-be, as she must be for you and Jaxon.


  • I'm so sorry.  I know this is not the news that you had hoped for.  Thinking of you and Jaxson, and hoping that he stays in there!!



  • Drink up momma!  I hope with rest and lots of fluids his levels increase.  When we were dealing with level issues we were reminded that it's very subjective.  Baby's position can change the fluid measurement.  I spoke with one momma who's levels were low at one u/s... and the next, just a few hours later they were normal, baby was in another position and/or and peed.  

    You can do this momma, drink up, rest up, and we're rooting for you.


  • Good luck. I hope this week of bed rest increases the fluid levels so Jaxson can stay home for at least a few more weeks.


  • Saying prayers, Samantha. Hang in there.  

    Lots of hugs,


  • I agree with Lauren---my girls fluid levels changed hourly because of constantly movements and who was doing the measuring!!!  Hope you get good news on Monday!  Drink tons and try to relax!!!



  • Drink up your water. & try to relax! Sending big higs & prayers that Jaxson does well & you too. You have all of us here to support you. He might ve such a mover and its doing something to the fluid

  • Tons of hugs!  Hoping your next levels show that all is going well in there!


  • Hang in there, remember breath by breath.