Samarella's Journal

Whats next

  • I can only imagine your heartache but it makes me hurt for you.  Fingers crossed!!


  • Hugs Sam. We are all here for you.


  • Hugs, friend.  You know what your heart and family can handle.  And you know we're here for you.



  • I understand you perfectly well.... I tried for 7 years for other pregnancy .... after several miscarriages, one at 19 weeks.... I said to my DH this is it.... I can't keep my life in a standby limbo, guessing if I am going to have another baby or not.... and we decided no more babies... and a month later, unexpectedly  I got pregnant an V is what happen.....So I know how you feel and I hope  your heart's desire is granted..... my finger are crossed for you and your family.....


  • I totally get it. We aren't even telling any one we are trying again, which is so hard when they all know we are going to sometime. Just trying to keep all the dr appts low-pro til something happens. I know DH has the strength. I know YOU have the strength. You've both come so far that this HAS to be your year. Me and you, momma. We're gonna DO THIS!!!



  • HUGS! We will all be here for you through this.


  • Many hugs my dear! We are all here to support you. You have the will and desire so there is a way

    Love & hugs


  • Sam, here to listen and support you no matter what.  I understand feeling like life is in limbo until you know if you're dream is realized or on it's way.  I know what you mean about keeping it all on the down low as not to hurt the people closest to you.  My 6 year old knows too much about death and loss at such a young age too.  I never wanted that for him.  I am thinking of your family and wishing you love and strength.