Samarella's Journal

where do i Begin [2]

  • Oh Sam, I am so sorry for that doctor's professionalism.  Let me scream for you!  There are so many other words he could've have chosen.  I know that with all of that, you are doing you're best to stay calm.  I am hoping that those results can come in sooner than later and that you get to see your regular doc next time.  Get some rest if you can and know that I'm thinking about you.


  • There should be a note in your chart that says "no surprises"! They shouldn't have cancelled that scan without a better reason.

    Don't you wish you could think of those things on the spot and get them out without crying? That doctor needed to hear what you had to say about Trinity and it sucks so much that we don't get to say it!

    It's almost Tuesday, so that's good. I hope they find more growth and lots of fluid.

    Sending love and all good thoughts,


  • It's so hard when you're anticipating one thing and get another.  And what a totally odd way to talk about Trinity- doctor's are strange people.

    I know when we were having AFI issues, in the opposite- too much.  We were told over and over again that they are very subjective and the amount doesn't change quickly- it's the measurement- because the way baby is sitting or if they have a full bladder all change the reading so the more important picture is the big picture more so than any one reading, and how baby is doing.

    Sending lots and lots of good wishes and no whammy vibes your way.


  • Ugh----Yeah--let him have it!!!  That's so inconsiderate!  I'm glad that little man is continuing to grow inside!  Hugs until Tuesday!


  • Oh, sweetie...what a jerk! When I come down in October you want to take me to his office and show me which one he is? I'll take care of him for ya!

    ♥♥♥ and (((HUGS)))

  • I will drive over there and knock him for you! Hugs momma!


  • Doctors can be such idiots. One, they aren't always right; two -- we know our bodies better than they do; and three -- they are so damn technical sometimes that they lose all sense of compassion. I think I would have said what you were thinking to him.

    When I was in the hospital overnight a few days before Kaelin was born (because of high BP and protein) -- the discharging doctor asked me at what point the "fetal demise" took place with my sons. My jaw hit the floor. Had I been more together -- I would have rapped him upside the head.

    Hang tough, Sam, and keep us posted.


  • I'm so sorry you had to deal with an upsetting appointment.  You're doing a great job. I know how scary it is - but remember to take deep breaths.  I literally had to remind myself to take deep breaths many times during my pregnancy w/ Lucia.