Samarella's Journal

worried [2]

  • Samantha... put down the pee stick!  Quit peein' on things!  Breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out momma.  Those lines are going to change based on how much water you've drank that day... put 'em down, I promise you you will make yourselves more of a wreck!

    One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.  I wish I could make your promises of a healthy full term baby, but I just can't... and I want to so badly.  We gotta find you a happy place where we can keep you for the next nine months! ;)

    We're rooting you on... and are going to be here for all the ups downs and all arounds... and I continue to have all crossables crossed for a beautiful birth!



  • Ditto Lauren!  The lines are definitely gonna change from stick to stick and with how much water you've drank or not drank.  It's not a true reading of how much HCG you're actually making, only a blood test can tell you accurately!  Just the line being there is what you're looking for!

    Big hugs, and one breath at a time and we'll get you through this.  Hoping and praying for a happy, healthy full 40 weeks for you and this baby bean.


  • I'm with lauren and Stacy, stop peeing on things! I can only imagine how happy/terrified you must be right now knowing how badly you want this but there is no guarantee. We will all be here for you the WHOLE time. Just know that all of us are only a text away for you truly weak moments when you think you should go pee on something else (trying to make you laugh, did it work?).


    PS - text me with your name, Trevor dropped my phone in chocolate milk and i lost some numbers in the transfer

  • Samantha,

    I know how scary it all is! Have you called your ob for a blood hcg test? Mine could tell I was a basketcase so they took levels on a Friday then on a Monday to make sure the numbers went up. They did, then I waited for the first ultrasound, which looked good, now I'm waiting for the 10 week appointment so I can hear the heartbeat again!

    I wish there was something we could do other than wait, we are both so mucky to have SYS,

    Good luck


  • Holy cow!!!  That's what I get for skipping a day or two on Share!!!  Live has been busy here and I haven't gotten to check in and I missed the excitement!!!!!!!!  

    I can't change the fears and worries that you feel, but I can pray for that's what I'm going to do!  

    Hugs to you girly!


  • You have a right to be a wreck! I am just glad that you are sick already!


  • I must agree quit peeing on sticks.  I wish I could promise a full term healthy baby just like the rest of us wish we could, but in reality we can't. I can't take away the excitement and nerves but me and the rest of us are here for you. So for the love of God quit peeing on things!!!  I'm with Leigh, maybe you can go the doctor earlier and get that blood test for HCG.  Praying for a healthy full term baby and for you to be at peace. If I can't be at peace with I truly hope you can be at peace dear friend.

  • I completely understand you..... the excitement, the fear, the hope, the joy, all the emotions, but must of all the fear that something is going to be wrong.... rest and live one day at a time, that is my advice, don't get ahead of things, live today, don't worry..... and I have to agree (and had a little laugh) stop peeing.... as Stacy said just blood tests can assure your HCG levels, not any darker or lighter lines will do....... You know what I did when I knew I was pregnant with V? I forget about it.... I just "pretend" I was not, and lived each day at a time.....