Samarella's Journal

WOW [3]

  • I'm so happy to hear that your hubby is home again.. and clean! That's awesome.  I can't imagine how hard these past few weeks have been on you, and I'm proud of his accomplishment (even if I don't know him personally)!  

    What a testament to the man your FIL is!! That must be so inspiring to see all the lives that he's touched want to give something back.  I'm keeping him in my prayers that he beats this.


  • I am glad to hear the good news of hubby.  I hope that you guys will have a new beginning and hopefully the x-mas holiday will bring you even closer.  Isn't it amazing how one's community will come through?  I am so glad that your FIL has that.  The picture of the ball team is super cute.  That's a nice shot of them together.


  • Yay for hubby being home!!!  I hope that he'll continue to make great choices and that he'll see the beauty of life without those other things.

    The community has just recognized how special this man is...that is what the family already knew!  I hope that after these treatments that he'll regain some of this pep.  I'm keeping your family in my prayers.


  • So glad to hear that your husband is home and doing better.

    That is so sweet about the donations for your FIL - it's no doubt that he must be loved by the community.

    I will continue to pray that his treatments go as well as they can.