23 yrs Today my son Sean passed...

  • I'm very very sorry. My son passed in my arms so I can relate to the feeling of watching them slip away. I felt numb and yet peaceful thru it all. Looking back I was probaly in shock.

    I'm sure that both your boys are smiling down on you and hoping you enjoy the holidays


  • My thoughts are with you today.



  • I'm approaching the second anniversary of my sons' deaths later this month. It's very hard to live with what should have been. Thinking of you and honoring your courage for making a difficult, but selfless, decision for you son.


  • Hugs to you! I understand how hard it is to make the desicion after watching your son in the NICU day after day. My son was in the NICU for 75 days. He too had brain bleed on the one side so I can relate to how you felt that day. Thank you for sharing with us your sons.



  • My son was born sleeping at 30 weeks to the day.  I remember coming to, seeing my husband at the foot of my bed completely grief stricken, signing papers refusing an autopsy, and within minutes my son was in my arms.  It felt so good to hold him.  It was such a mix of emotions.  I felt happy and total devastation all at the same time.  

    I took note of how far along you are on your journey.  I am interested to know how you've held it together for so long.  There must have been so many dark days.  You are one strong lady and your sons are surely looking upon you with pride.  I hope that after so many years out, you are more at peace.

    Thank your for sharing your boys with us,