Don't know why I bother writing posts No one bothers to read them This is my last

  • I can imagine that I will feel the same when I hit year 20, 23, 25 and so on living without my angel. When I found this site days after our loss, I searched for those grieving moms who were also finding ways of surviving through this kind of pain. Angel mothers who were years into their own loss journeys became unknowing role models of hope and courage. The advice you give and your perspective is all so relevant and many do value it.

    Know that this site is run by volunteers and although we try to reach everyone in a timely manner, sometimes posts do go unanswered. It can also be that posts are read, but a comment is not left by the reader. We really try not to let that happen as every post deserves attention.  I hope that you will come here and still check in as you can.

    Sending warm hugs through another holiday season,


  • These are excellent points of advice. I lost my daughter almost 11 years ago and the holidays still sting a little and it seems that there is just a bit less joy in my heart , most of the time. I do my best to look at what I do have but sometimes its just so hard.

    Thanks so much for being a beacon of hope for so many who are just starting this journey and can see your posts (trust me they do) and know its possible to survive years down the road. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season.

    Love and Hugs


  • You're right....allowing the healing to take the time it needs is needed as well as trying to understand that others don't know how it feels and hopefully never will.  I hope that as time goes on that those treasured memories will be strong in your heart and that others will continue to support you in ways that they know how.