28yr and 30yrs ago I sadly became a member of the angel baby/ies group

  • Well let me first say thank you for  continuing to post. Your last one seemed a bit disheartened. I am not on here as much as time goes on but I think it does help those who are now going through what we went through so many years ago to see that they can still live a new normal life. It is going on 6 years since we lost our little boy Mason and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him. And as you said "So don't think you wont get through this because you will. I did and if I can, my word you can too"

  • Very relevant advice. I'm still coming to terms with things and its been 11 years since I lost Josie. There are always questions and regrets, I'm not sure it gets easier as much as I am accustomed to dealing with everything. Thanks for posting.

    Love & Hugs


  • I recently found myself alone recently even though I have the most supportive families and friends. My husband and I faced with a loss of our sweet beautiful daughter borh January 31, 2018 at 26 weeks. We've endured two miscarriages from the past and many IVF treatments, and disappointments. I had three months and a half till my baby was suppose to be born and she was taken away so suddenly. We're awaiting results but everyday feels like an eternity. My husband is busy back at work but as for me, I find myself stuck and feeling alone. My husband is my world no doubt about it and we grieve together, but feeling empty inside and seeing my body changed so drastically made me feel worthless.

    This Saturday, February 17 was suppose to be my baby shower and it will end up to be my daughter's memorial service. Although my family and friends are coming for my baby girl's service, my heart feels heavy. It is becoming real.

    Thank you for your advice. I will treasure everything I was given by the nurses at the hospital for my daughter. The items are all I have. Having her home in her urn I am hoping will give me peace.

  • Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us.  Its a way to give hope to those who are just starting out.  Many Many hugs