My boys have been gone a long time but my heart still aches

  • I'm so sorry that this time if year is so hard for you.  I totally understand the wonder, the questions, the sadness that fills your heart as you wonder who they would have been.

    Grief is so personal, so deep and when it is the loss of children you are grieving, I just don't think it ever goes away.

    So much love to you as your remember your boys,


  • I don't think there is any amount of time that can eliminate the pain of losing a child. I am glad that you found your way back to Share, we are always here for the difficult anniversaries. I hope over the next few weeks you are able to find peace and comfort as you reflect on your precious boys. Sending hugs.


  • Hugs to you.  the holidays can be a hard time of year.  I know someone whose daughter would have been in her 20's and she says she still thinks about what she would be like and doing.  They will always be a part of our hearts. Nicki