The way I see things...

  • You are 100% right, parents like myself who have never experienced the loss of a child have absolutley no idea the pain and other feelings that come along with the loss of a child. That being said, we are here to support everyone on this site. While we can't understand the pain first-hand we want all parents to know they aren't alone and all of us are here for them.


  • I think one of the wonderful things about Share is that it combines people from all over with a variety of stories yet it still feels like a small community and everyone gets heard and understood and feels supported.  I'm sorry that right now you're having a rough time of it and aren't feeling that.  I lost my twin girls about two and a half years ago and since I joined shortly after their death there have been so many times that I've needed a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to my hard times.  Some of the most touching words of support have come from women who don't know what it's like to lose a child.  They may not know what it's like to lose a little one, but I feel like they can still be there for us.  Share is here for parents of premature babies, babies born with birth defects and families who have lost little ones, and grief truly is the tie that binds us together, our grief may be for different reasons but it's still there.  Many hugs, and I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you.


  • I do get what you are saying, but I can see it from the other side too.  I have lost a baby, but I also have two mostly healthy living children.  Since my angel has a surviving twin, I do not understand what it feels like to have lost a baby and worry that I may never have a baby here with me or to have a child born with a birth defect, but I try to be supportive of people who are going through that and I hope they are not offended by my comments.  And there are families on here with new preemies in the NICU who find hope in the stories about surviving and thriving preemies.  That said, I do try not to read stories that I know are going to upset me when I am feeling down - like those of surviving and thriving preemie twins.  And I am sure people have rolled their eyes at my blog when I whine about my surviving preemie's comparatively minor health issues, so I guess we have all been on both sides of the fence here.  

    Thinking of you,


  • This is a safe place for all of us who lost the idea of a perfect pregnancy. We all are grieving, whether it is the loss of a child or the loss of the dreams that we had for our child and we now have to redefine our dreams for our kid. We are all here to support one another no matter what the circumstance.


  • sorry if I offended anyone I was a bit harsh the way I posted this blog it was for me the way a few of the stories I read came across to me. I took it like my child survive so now I here to fix you. This came across to me from a few  people who had just come to the site.  Just ignore me I get like this sometimes

  • I see both sides.  I've lost my son and am blessed with my daughter.  I am here to try and help others.

    I hope peace finds you soon,

    Love and Light,