1st Grade and the 2nd Tooth

  • First she is so cute.  Second, Its so hard when our littles go back to school and we know deep down that their should be one more.  I have been struggling with this for the last few weeks.  These "should-have- been milestones"  seem to pull the rug out from under you just when you think you finally have you balance again.   Thinking of you and both your sweet baby girls.   Hugs to you.


  • What a beautiful little girl! And yay on losing another tooth! I get the "should-have beens," and how they can affect us angel moms. Many hugs to you.


  • Hugs to you mama, I can imagine you right  now trying to hold it together to make sure her first day was an success. It sounds like you did awesome. I bet she's even more adorable with her pumkin teeth!!!


  • She is just perfect!   those milestones can be so bittersweet.  We enjoy them and then they cause us to crash.   I remember when Jacoby died thinking of all the things I would never get to experience with him but had seen JJ do.  Now, I think with each milestone in JJ's life, how Jacoby is "with" us.   In some small way it's comforting to know that Jacoby is part of our lives, it's just not the way we really wanted it to be.   Hang in there, try to live in the moment and savor all those firsts that you get to treasure!

  • Sounds like a great first day of school you both survived! I'm sending my oldest off this year to first grade as well and hopefully things go smoothly! I agree with you, I often find myself just nodding to stories like that and don't speak up but all the thoughts then rush back to my head. Thinking of you!