1st Tooth Fairy Visit

  • Yay for the loss of Abbey first teeth.  $5.00  I only got a dollar :)  I think as moms who have had to say goodbye those little milestone with our other kiddos become so much sweeter yet very bittersweet.  When the moment happen we stop and reflect on the should have beens.  Hugs you you!

    Glad you all had an amazing weekend, enjoy your upcoming vacation and sneak in some baby snuggles for me!


  • Those milestones do bittersweet.   Have a good vacation. Nicki

  • Congratulations to Abbey on losing her first tooth! My oldest daughter is nearly 6 1/2 and has lost eight teeth already! She gets $2 per tooth, which is far more than I got as a child! Sounds like you are having a nice summer. Enjoy!


  • I too have learned so much about being a parent from loss. So many things that I would have said no to before are now a yes. Things I would have paid little to no attention to before are now permanently ingrained in my memory. I soak up every laugh, every smell, every kiss, every snuggle because we learned the hard way that those things can vanish in an instant.

    I am sad to see summer leave. Us midwesterners didn't seem to have much of one this year. Between the cold temperatures and the rain I feel like we need a re-do!

    Congrats to Abbey and the first lost tooth! The tooth fairy has certainly adjusted for inflation. :)


  • Whoah! $5? I got something like fifty cents. Congrats on the milestone!

    I'm sorry about the bitter-sweetness of the moment. Keeping you in my thoughts.


  • Congrats on the first tooth lost! I bet she was really excited to see what the tooth fairy had left her:) We went big on the first tooth, but then had to explain the difference in rate of pay for proceeding teeth:)



  • Milestones!  How bittersweet they can be.   You see them and you're happy for Abbey and then you are quickly reminded of what isn't.   It's tricky how grief does that.   Being grateful for what you have is important but don't be so hard on yourself.  Losing Josie has changed you and it's okay to be sad about what you're missing!   HUGS!!!

  • Ohhhh....wiggly teeth are so exciting!!!!  Yeah, I had to ask around for the going rate for teeth these days and was shocked to learn of the inflation!!  $5 must be the going rate because that's what I was told too.  What happened to the days of the dollar or less???   Sounds like things are busy for you, and yes I understand the deep sigh with the change in dance styles.  If only they were born with an understanding of money.....  I hope the vacation is/was relaxing!!