Pregnancy & Infant Loss: 3 Stories, 1 Conclusion

  • I absolutely loved reading your post! I had a similar-ish situation the other day. I am in a social work program through a Christian university and we had to do a post on a bible verse and relate it to health. I posted about 1 in 4 pregnancies resulting in mortality. I talk about it so much that I don't realize my nonchalant tone. One of my classmates shared that she had a miscarriage and could relate. I agree that Awareness Months are so important, you learn who understands you.


  • I lost my baby at 21weeks had a Preterm Delivery....Awareness is very important specially for first time mommies to my case I had no idea what to look out for and I felt like I had to take a test before receiving the lesson

  • My sister had a tough time getting pregnant. When she opened up about it, she found so many coworkers and friends had gone through similar experiences. I think it's so important to talk about our struggles. There's an army of families who understand, and so many who are going through it but can't find it in them to talk about it. I feel like knowing someone is going through the same helps them release that weight. I agree, awareness days make it a little easier to open up and find a group that can relate. Thank you for this post !

  • Hugs and love to you dear friend!!