Jaw Winker

I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a double jaw winker? In both eyes? I was wondering if I'm the only one out there. I'm 41. I've had surgery on one eye when I was little but not the other. In the surgery they took off the eye lid and attached slings above my eye brow. I've had to have the surgery done 3x by the age of 17. The slings would end up failing and popping. Causing a droopy eye to once again be a issue. My parents noticed my jaw winking right away. In 1977. I have elected to have no more surgery's. As in 40 years it has not changed. They just do the same that does not help. And that's why you don't hear of many old people having surgery. I wish there was something different they could do because I still have it in the other eye. I'm my opinion the surgery helps a little but in the end fails. I have also had the muscle taken out of both legs for surgery on my eye.