Birth injury and now pregnant

Hi everyone I really hope someone who has gone threw this reads this I need some advice and friend. I am currently 14weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I had a daughter one year ago who at birth weighed 11lbs 5oz she was delivered vaginally. I was with baby for only 20 minutes I was rushed to surgery I had an Internal cervical tear and that didn’t stop the bleeding after repair so than I had a second surgery called an embolization to stop the bleeding.I lost more than 2 liters of blood and almost lost my life doctors told me not to get pregnant again but here I am I was asked to terminate pregnancy early on but I just didn’t have the heart to do it! I still go back and forth I’m so scared to leave my daughters 7 and 1 im terrified to leave them without a mother! A high risk doctor had recommended a cerclage my cervix is 3.1 a normal is 4. I’m praying and praying  I am very hesitant on doing a cerclage because after so many procedures it still fresh and traumatizing. Sex is still very scary for me I don’t like being touched even papsmears freak me out ! TMI I know but this is my Truth  and have  no one to talk to . I also like to mention that I get frequent  yeast infections during pregnancy so I’m scared to get an infection with cerclage. Look forward to hearing from some one soon

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    Thank you. Prayers to you.
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    Thank you my dear! So sorry about you ángel baby I know he smiles in heaven at the wonderful mommy he has sharing her story bless you and your beautiful family
  • I’m my experience I did have to have a cerclage. I had an extremely shortened cervix and had mine done around 3 months and was put on strict bed rest after. The surgery yes can be scary but it was a simple procedure and a success for us after loosing our first son who was born 17 weeks early before finding out about my cervix. Our second son was born healthy. Hope this helps ease your mind a little about a cerclage.