Unicornate Uterus

Hello, my name is Valerie. I thought I’d share my story to help someone like some stories here helped me. My husband and myself were trying to conceive for about 3 years, this journey for us wasn’t easy, when I was 18 (25 now) I was diagnosed with PCOS which can affect fertility. So we always thought that was the issue. We then got lucky when I got pregnant with my baby girl, we had lots of appointments and scans through out and a few scares as everyone kept saying blood flow is poor which indicates issues with placenta and no one could tell me why. Eventually when I was 32 weeks pregnant, the decision was made to deliver the baby as was safer due to growth restriction. So I had a C-section at 32 + 2, unfortunately I was under general anaesthetic as spinal didn’t work properly.... our baby girl was born, all healthy just very small and weighing only 1583 grams. She was in NICU for about 3 weeks and did really well, she was very small but seems to have caught up fine now (she’s just over 3 months old now). After my C-section, the consultant who delivered my baby came to talk to me about something they found out, that my uterus not only was 90 degrees tilted to the left and they had to move it around before getting the baby out but that I also have a unicornate uterus, which no one ever thought of. I also had to have kidney scans to check and both are there and seem fine. But now more scared of trying for the second baby (few years time) as aware of the risks with this condition. But wanted to share my story that even though I have a unicornate uterus, we had our baby girl who is very healthy! So anything is possible :)