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I had a miscarriage about 6 weeks ago due to an incompetent cervix. I have been told by my doctor that I can get pregnant. I am very anxious and asking for advice on how to get pregnant faster. I am supposed to ovulate in about 4 days. Please give me advice. thank you!

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  • Your concern is a very valid one. And it is understandable where you are coming from. Especially due to your previous miscarriage. You need to definitely have unprotected sex around ovulation time. See link I have included below to help you :)
  • Well, I think the only way to get pregnant is to have as much sex as possible and stay in positive mood. :) And I really mean it, don't stop even on your period, because you can get pregnant even during it:
  • Hi, everyone. I'm Karen, and I work for the March of Dimes. I thought I'd post some information from our online fact sheet on miscarriage about getting pregnant following a miscarriage. Generally, most women experience a menstrual period four to six weeks after a miscarriage. Medically, it appears safe to conceive after a woman has had one normal menstrual cycle (if she is not undergoing tests or treatments for the cause of her miscarriage).

    To read the whole fact sheet, here's the link:

    And, of course, you should talk to your doctor about your individual circumstance so you know what's best for you.

  • I Have You Answer nana18
    Since I have just gone through what you are going through, let me answer your question.........

    I'm so sorry for your loss, I know exactly how you feel.The bleeding will last from 8-10 days after you have a miscarriage. I've read and heard that you ovulate 2 weeks after the miscarriage but don't get pregnant right away, I was told by my doctor to let a period come. It can take you anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get your period again. It took me 5 weeks. and I had a normal period, went to the doctor after it and was told I can get pregnant again as soon as I want to. Well, you should also talk to your doctor before too. Good luck and keep me updated please.
  • me 2
    i had a miscarriage about 5 weeks ago. And im trying to get pregnant again. does anyone know how long it takes for you to ovulate again? and how long will you bleed after having a miscarriage.
    also , im happy to see that im not the olny person that wants to try to have another baby after losing one. I feel that god took my 1st baby away to give me just a little more time to get myself ready. and i think that my baby girl in heaven is gonna make sure that im ok, and that she watches over me and the next baby.
  • Good Luck!
    I wish I could help you out with your quest to get pregnant ASAP, but the only way I know to go about it is the old fashioned way!

    Good Luck!