Hi, my name is Sarah, and I have a son, Alex, who was born at 30 weeks. He is 14 weeks old now (4 weeks adjusted) and he has been extremely fussy lately and really drooling alot. Is it possible tha he may be teething already? What sort of signs should I look for? And would anyone suggest a teething ring? Anyone else have an experience similar to this? Thanks

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  • He might be teething, and this is an extremely painful process for the baby as he or she is unable to express themselves or independently self soothe. It might be a good idea to wean baby gradually off breast milk and start introducing solid foods.

  • Teething is a painful process for both mom and baby. Learn more about the terms, symptoms and signs of teething here http://motherhow.com/teething/
  • I, personally, like to use the teething tablets. They melt on the tongue and calm the teethers.
  • I have a 27 weeker and will be 6 months old on Dec. 7. I believe that she is teething as well. The drool factor is terrible and it seems as though there are 2 little white buds trying to pop thru. She is constantly miserable. Do you have any suggestions on what you have tried that helped? :neutral:
  • I have a 27 weeker...1.4 pounder....who is 2 weeks away from turning 1 and he just cut his first 2 teeth. This whole time he's been home(came home at 4 months)...I thought he was teething. But now I can finally see teeth. He was fussy as slobbery as well, but I think that's just how they are. Now my daughter who is 8 years old now, I carried her full term and she cut teeth at 3 months. All kids are different.
  • Wow, sounds like we all have similar stories. My 33 weeker started drooling like crazy at around 3 1/2 months actual. The peds told me that their salivary glands really kick in around this time and it's totally normal and does not always mean they are teething. Maddie is 6 months old now and still no tooth but she sticks everything in her mouth and is still drooling like mad!
  • Teething at 14 weeks
    I too have a 30 weeker who is now 7 months old. It is possible that he is teething. At 14 weeks, my daughter was drooling excessively, but at 7 months old now, not a tooth. If he can hold toys, I would give him a teething ring, with close supervision of course.
  • Hi Donna-
    Thanks for the reply!! I think I'm going to look into getting a teether soon. Even if it's not that he's teething, he's chewing on EVERYHTING lately, so he'll probably like a teether!! Thanks again...

    Sarah :smile:
  • I have an Alex too!!!
    Hi Sarah,
    My son Alex is a 28 weeker who will be one in a week and a half - We have a VERY similar story - at around 4 months *actual* he started drooling, fussing, etc... the ped. said that he could be teething..
    Well, he is almost a year and has ONE TOOTH!!!! I think the drooling, etc is just a normal phase that all babies go through.. it may or may not be related to teething..
    We use a great teether - I think it's by early years - it is small, rubbery and shaped like a triangle and has all these nubby things on it - Alex LOVES it..
    Good luck!