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I'll try and keep a long story short... I have a 24 weeker who is now 2 and doing great!! We are so blessed to have him. We just lost our second at 18 weeks. I am trying to cope and but feel like it's all God's plan. Here's my question now. We were not trying again, we feel we needed some time to heal. However I was late so I took a HPT and it was positive. So I wasn't sure how to feel: excited or scared. I finally let myself get excited and a week and a half later I started my period. I was so confused and took another test that came back negative. My dr said I was pregnant but it was a very early loss. I have been researching and it is classified as a chemical pregnancy. I am ok with the outcome but what a roller coaster! I was just hoping to hear from others who might have experienced the same thing and how you dealt with it. Thanks, Tara

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  • A chemical pregnancy is simply a miscarriage that occurs very early on in a woman’s pregnancy. Often, this is because a woman was able to obtain a positive determination of pregnancy from a test before her period typically occurs. As a result, the miscarriage will occur at the time of a woman’s period before a heartbeat is seen on an ultrasound. More info about chemical pregnancy read here:
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    I'm so sorry for what you've been through. Good luck at the RE on the 23rd.

    Take care,
  • My early miscarriage
    I have been searching the net just to get information on early miscarriages and found the term "chemical pregnancy." I read your story and had to share mine. I have been off birth control since May 2006 and we've been trying to get pregnant since then. With no luck. Each period meant no baby. We began to think something was wrong with one of us or both. My periods have been hectic since getting off the birth control. I would spot for a week then get a full period for 3-5 days. Well last month, exact date Monday,July 16, 2007, I began spotting. I spotted for 3 days and it stopped. We were so excited. On Friday, July 20, i took a home pregnancy test, which was positive. The lines were a little faint but positive indeed. I had to beg my husband to wait until we got confirmation from a doctor before we told the family. I got an appt for Wed July 26. They did a urine test which was negative. I was not convinced. I wanted a blood test. I couldn't get an appointment until Monday 7/31. Unfortunately on Wed 7/26 evening, I started to spot again. I was devastated. By monday, the day of my appt. I was bleeding heavily with clots. The doctor said I may have been pregnant but that it didn't implant. He was not a specialist in that field so he made an appt for my husband and I for 8/23. Then, on Wed. night, 8/2, I went to the bathroom and removed my tampon, when I got up to flush, I saw a large clot in the toilet. I picked it up YUCK!, but I had to see what it was. I was the embryo attached to the placenta. I had seen enough Discovery Health to know what it was. The embryo was as long as my fingertip, it was attached to a cord which was attached to the placenta. I was devastated. I asked my husband if he wanted to see it, he said no. He was angry at me for paying the car payment without his knowledge. He's supposed to pay the bills but he wasn't home and they were threatening repossession. Anyway. imagine having to deal with that alone. I didn't know what to do so I flushed it. I called my mom and told her. She said I should have put in a pill bottle and taken it to my doctor. Oh well, it was my first time. The bleeding subsided almost immediately. There is still some spotting but not like before. I have mixed emotions about the whole ordeal. On one hand, at least we know we can get pregnant, on the other hand, what happened that it didn't make it. So now I'm just waiting for our 8/23 appt with the reproductive endocronologist. Waiting sucks
  • Tara:

    I'm Karen, and I work at the March of Dimes. A miscarriage is pregnancy loss that occurs before 20 weeks. However, most miscarriages happen during the first trimester (12 weeks). A "chemical" pregnancy is one that ends really really early in the first trimester--so early that a woman may not even know she's pregnant because she may not have had time to actually miss a period.

    Most women who have had a miscarriage go on to have healthy pregnancies.

    For more information, here's a link to our fact sheet on miscarriage:

    Best wishes to you and your family!

  • I was once told...
    that our body has the abilty to reject things that it's not ready for. I believe I read somewhere that it is VERY common for a woman to miscarry a baby and never know it, because the body naturally flushes your system. I don't know if that's true or not, but that could be why it's called chemical. The chemicals in your body reject the baby!?!

    At any rate, i'm sorry for your losses and I hope you find much hope and inspiration on Share.


  • Our losses...
    Hi Tara,

    I am *truly* sorry for your loss. I wanted to share my story with you in hopes that you find some comfort knowing that you are not alone out there. I *am* here if you ever need to talk.

    I have been pregnant a total of 4 times-only one has survived. My 1st pregnancy was a loss at 12 weeks-the fetus stopped growing.
    My 2nd loss was a little different. I took a test which came out positive but a lighter shade of blue then on the box. I then went to my doctor to confirm and it was positive as well-so I thought ok everything is fine. A few weeks later I had spotting and some cramping so I had an ultrasound confirming that I had what they called a blighted ovum-no fetus ever formed just the sac. Eventually I passed the sac and this was considered a miscarriage. This was the reason the positive sign on the test was so light-my hcg levels were down and never really went up from that point.
    My 3rd pregnancy was a success and he is now a healthy 7 year old-the only problem we encountered was while he was in the womb we found that he had a 2 vessel umbilical cord instead of the normal 3.
    My 4th pregnancy I made it to 22 weeks and Gabrielle was born in December (5 months ago today) due to a *possible* weakness in my cervix. It was *devastating*-a tragedy my family and myself face very day.
    Once again, I am so sorry for your losses, I hope for the best during your future pregnancies. I *know* how hard it is each time we lose a chid whether is was early on or later-it is difficult, physically and emotionally. My heart goes out to you.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Mom to Gradon McKenzie full term age 7
    & Gabrielle Lynn our angel in heaven 12/7/05
  • I don't know what you would call my miscarriage, but I had a early miscarriage with my second pregnancy. I took the test and it was positive. Then my period started. I went to the doc and my hcg levels were there confiming a pregnancy. Then as I continued to bleed they did a series of test and the #'s weren't going up. They went in for a D&C and there were no product of conception found. So who knows what happened. I was still heart broken.