baby shower poem

I had my baby shower today, eight weeks after Tucker was born. We are home, but he is not-not the usual situation for having a baby shower-I'm sure many of you have been there. I wanted to thank our guests in a special way, and I looked for baby shower poems on the internet-none of them seemed to fit our situation. I wrote my own for Tucker, so if anyone else wants to use it for yourself or a friend, please feel free. Our guests loved it, and I'm saving it so Tucker can learn about his special day. Thanks for dropping by today, I’m sure you made Mommy smile. I needed quite a few things, you see, Because I’ll be home in a while. I was in a rush to meet you all, So I came much sooner than planned I’m on the small side, but I’m still the boss Much attention and love, I demand I’m trying to grow big and strong So I can go home with Mom and Dad. I know they’re looking forward to that, Being with me makes them so glad. So thanks again for all of the gifts, And coming to celebrate my special day Once I’ve been home a while, come and see me I’d love to meet you, Love, Tucker Ray Of course, you will change the last couple of lines to match your child's name:)

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