Maternity Clothes?

I need help finding cheap maternity clothes, I can't spend alot on them but I need some, even thoughI am on bedrest I still have to go get my daughter from school and I have a ton of appt's so I need to look halfway decent. If you have any ideas they are appreciated. Thanks, Nicole

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  • A woman who gives birth will not be out of maternity clothes immediately. It usually takes several months to shrink back down, so be aware that your "maternity wardrobe" also covers up to nine months or more after the birth. For more info about maternity clothing please visit
  • thanks, we used to have a belly and beyond but not anymore, i have checked our consignment shops but they look like"grandma" clothes., i will check out ebay.
  • E Bay!
    Hi Nicole,

    I am on a fixed budget (especially now that I am on bedrest!) and I bought almost all of my clothes off of e-bay. I bought a bunch of clothes, for practically nothing. They were all mailed to my house. A lot of them were new (NWT=new with tags). I just bought a brand new pair of denim capris for 99 cents. I bought 5 motherhood blouses for work for $6 each. I tried stores like Target and JC Penney, but I cannot do all that walking or standing, and some of the styles that are in the stores are not me, like the gaucho pants. I am skinny and short and they look ridiculus on me! There is also a nice (big) consignment store near my house and I bought some cute cute maternity clothes there, most new with the tags still on them, and I think the most I payed was $7.99.
    I used a search on ebay something like "maternity small".
    Good luck, I hope you find a lot of cute clothes out there!
  • Nicole,

    I don't know if you have one of these near you, but we have a store called Belly & Beyond which sells gently used and new clothing. Everything is closely inspected and laundered before sale, and I've found a bunch of cute clothes for my kids there. I also sold most of my maternity stuff there after my last baby. Just a thought/idea to check out. I was a little weirded out at first thinking about buying "used" clothes for my kids, or taking maternity clothes from other moms, but you (and your kids) only wear them for so long and it seems pointless to spend a ton of money.

    Good luck!