Low progesterone levels...

Hi! Some of you know that I am 3 weeks pregnant with suspected twins. My HCG levels are high, however, my doctor called me today to tell me that my progesterone levels are low. It was 7. She prescribed progesterone pills for me. I am reading on the internet and it doesn't look good for me to carry this pregnancy to full term. The information says that doctors prescribe progesterone in vain to save a pregnancy that would have otherwise ended in miscarriage. However, message boards from other women who have had this same problem have carried healthy babies to full term. I was just wondering if anyone had ever had this problem? If so, did you carry to full-term, and what was your progesterone level?

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  • For Sunshine
    Hi: I don't know if basal body temperature indicates progesterone level. I suggest you visit the Web site of the the American Fertility Association http://www.theafa.org/. They can probably answer your question.

    With best wishes,
    Education Dept.
    March of Dimes
  • BBT and Progesterone Levels

    My husband and I have been married for about 3 years now and just started trying to conceive. I just started charting my Basal Body Temperature to get a more accurate time of when I ovulate. My question is can you tell if your progesterone levels are low by your BBT? My temp yesterday was 98.40 and today it was 97.7. Since the beginning of last week I started getting sore/tender breasts, more tired/less energy than usual, moody/emotional, urinating more often and even the area around my nipples are darker than normal. I know these can be signs of PMS (with maybe the exception of the darker nipples), however I have never experiended these symptoms before my period. My period is due to start anytime now, that is if I'm not pregnant. I thought for sure that I might be pregnant this month with all of the symptoms that I started experiencing and had never had before...that is until I took my temp this morning and it dropped to 97.7. I still don't feel like I am going to start my period (no cramps, which I ALWAYS get when I start). Anyone out there know if I should just give up on hoping I could still be pregnant this month and just focus on trying again next month????? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Re: Low progesterone levels...
    Hi Amber,

    I used natural progesterone cream to conceive both my children, I am low in progesterone to this day (it is called luteal phase defect). The second half of my period where you normally produce the progesterone (after day 14) is low for me, I just don't make enough of it and what happens is your period will come sooner than normal (mine are usually 25-26 days). I buy natural progesterone cream here: http://www.altmednetwork.net/whealth/progest_crm.html
    I still use it now because it is a good idea to be balanced hormonally even though my kids are 2 and 5. Anyway, with the progesterone there is a book you should probably get called 'Hormone Balance Made Simple' by Dr. John Lee. I read one of his books back when I was having trouble conceiving and he is the reason I chose to try it. My own doctor didn't believe it would work until I proved it did! Anyway, this book talks about how to use the progesterone cream as well, dosing I mean. They have it on the website with the progesterone cream or just go to Amazon or your local library and you will probably find it. Anyway, hope that helps! Good luck - Jennifer
  • with my progesterone levels low
    where can you buy the progesterone
    cream you lady's talk anout is it over
    the counter or Prescribed from DR?????
    or any thing that would help me concieve
    and prepare my body ??? should i take
    Prenatal vit / with Folic Acid, to prepare
    my body , etc?????
  • trying for my 1st , but progesterone level LOW!HELP
    hello my name is amber i am 22 , i been trying for almost 3 yrs , i have seen a Doctor and got some Answers , but i cant aforrd to keep seeing him at this time...., He did hormone levels, all NORMAL he said , i dont have PCOS, but my progesterone level i really low first month he said was only .7 then 2month was .8, im not even getting a 1., not good , but can change it doctor said , he thinks my weight has something to do with why i am not ovulating , my cycles were going every 14 days i have lost a few lbs from 205 to 180 -185 right now , cycles are going 20 to 28 days now Yaaa!!! but, im wodering what i could do , buy , to increase my levels , so i can get pregnant, anything over the counter like at walmart , kinneys, etc..... :frown: :confused: , thankyou amber
  • HSG Test
    I had the HSG test on Wed. of last week and everything came back really good. The doctor told me and showed me that I didn't have any blockages at all. She told me after the test that it would for sure increase my chances of getting pregnant. I'm still taking the medication she prescribe for me. Maybe this month it will work. I go back July 30 for another blood test.

    I will keep you posted on how everything goes.

    Thanks so much for the vote of encouragement!

  • This months results
    Hello everyone, thanks for sharing the news. I took clomid last month and my progesterone level which was 10 dropped to 6.6. This month the doctor prescribed me Promitrion, which I am taking since I got a positive ovulation prediction. Yesterday I had to drawn blood and today got the results. My progesterone is 46 now. The nurse just told me to wait to see if I get my period or not. But can I be pregnant with this level of progesterone?

    Tasha, hold it there! it will work for you too!

    Adriana :smile:
  • Test Results
    I received my blood results back today. My progestrone level dropped from 18.6 to 16.7. I know that is still not bad but it is still discouraging. But anyway, I hope all is going well with everyone.

  • You are NOT alone
    Hello all! I'm new to this site. My husband and I have been married for over 4 years and have been trying to conceive for 3 of the 4.

    I have one daughter who came as a suprise in 2003 - so she's soon to be 5. At no point in time did i need any medication.

    Imaging my surprise when after 2 years of no luck i learn that my body is setting itself up for "peri-menopause". I was 26 at the time! I'm 28 now.

    We finally decided at the beginning of this year to begin fertility treatments and went with the Clomid cocktail - after 1 month at 50mg Clomid and using Crinone 8% Gel - my progesterone went from a .4 to start all the way up to an 8 - but no baby. Month 2 was 100mg Clomid and Crinone 8% Gel - prog. levels dropped to 4.2!! frustration was beginning to kick in! Month three was 150mg Clomid and Crinone 8% Gel - levels went UP to a 10!! started getting restless and decided we would try one more month at 150mg Clomid & 8% gel...well - my day 21 hormone lab was yesterday and i got the call a few hours ago that my levels are WAYYY up - 28.4!!!!! They told me i could take a home pregnancy test on Monday or Tuesday to see if i'm pregnant, but with my levels being this high there may be a good chance i am!

    I don't think i can wait that long!!!

    The ONLY downfall is that the Crinone 8% Gel, which I will have to insert every day for the first 11 weeks is $213 for every 18 days.... ugh - but i think well worth it - i'll have to pick up a 2d job i'm sure lol.

    My question is this - those of you who have had shots vs. those of you who use insert / suppositories / gels vs. those who are lucky enough to use Prometrium pills - which do you prefer??
  • Progesterone Cream
    I was wondering how well the progesterone cream and the estrogen supplements worked. My doctor gave me a perscription for both of them yesterday. I am still waiting on the results from yesterdays blood test. I will keep you updated about everything.

  • Another Doctor Visit
    I go back to the doctor tomorrow. I hope all of the counts is as well as they expect for them to be. You guys keep me and my husband in your prayers tonight and I will let you guys know how things turn out when we find out the results.

    I know this is such a long drawn out process and my eagerness is starting to turn into doubt. Please pray that this doesn't turn into any kind of doubt and that good news will come tomorrow morning when I go to the doctor. I'm a little nervous about it all but hopefully everything will turn out as well as expected.

  • Re: Low progesterone levels
    Dear Adriana:

    Welcome to Share! Your questions are good ones. It's probably best for you to contact an organization that specializes in fertility issues. Here are some groups that may be able to help:

    American Fertility Society

    RESOLVE: The National Fertility Association

    With best wishes,
    Education Dept.
    March of Dimes
  • Low progesterone levels
    Hi all,

    here is my story, I am 39 and my husband and I are trying our first pregnancy. My doctor has been testing my blood for the past 3 months. The first test the progesterone level came 15.8. The seconde test came 10.4, when he prescribed me some pills to be taken from day 5 to 9 of my period. I did that, I got a positive ovulation prediction and on day 22 I had my progesterone tested again, which turned to be now at 6. Reading this forum I could symphatized with some of you.

    Any hopes for me to conceive? I am feeling nauseas lately, can I be pregnant even with low progesterone level? Today I'm on my day 24 of my cycle, I thought I should wait until day 28 to see if I get my period or not. But last month I had a spotting and 2 days later a had a period, but it was low bleeding comparing to my normal period.

    Any information might help.
    Adriana :smile:
  • progesterone level of 3.2 with a positive pregnancy test
    Here's my story.. I'm 40 and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant for the first time. I had a chemical pregnancy in Oct '07.
    I was put on Clomid. After my 2nd cycle of Clomid, my 21 day progesterone was 3.2. I was told I did not ovulate. I started on progesterone suppository 100mg every day.
    However, on day 27 I took a pregnancy test just in case and it was positive!
    On day 27 (approx 13 days after ovulation) my HCG was 60 and progesterone 16.2. On day 29 my HCG was 159. They did not check another progesterone.

    1) Has anyone who had a very low progesterone (3 or less) on day 21 gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?
    2) How often does your doctor check your progesterone levels? My next appointment isn't for 2 weeks (I would be 6 weeks pg then). I know there really isnt anything that can be done for low progesterone other than what I am already doing but it would be nice to see if it is working.

    My biggest question is if anyone out there who had a very low progesterone level on day 21 went on to carry full term. I would be more excited about the positive test but I feel anxious that my progesterone was so low in the beginning.

  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! I also used clomid.

    Keep us posted!