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Hi! Some of you know that I am 3 weeks pregnant with suspected twins. My HCG levels are high, however, my doctor called me today to tell me that my progesterone levels are low. It was 7. She prescribed progesterone pills for me. I am reading on the internet and it doesn't look good for me to carry this pregnancy to full term. The information says that doctors prescribe progesterone in vain to save a pregnancy that would have otherwise ended in miscarriage. However, message boards from other women who have had this same problem have carried healthy babies to full term. I was just wondering if anyone had ever had this problem? If so, did you carry to full-term, and what was your progesterone level?

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    Re: Update from MasonsMom.
    Hello, I am also 8 week and my due date is Sep. 15th. I had gotten pregnant in November and I had a miscarriage on Nov. 29th. My husband and I where so devastated. My husband is in the military and right now he is in Iraq. He was in Washington doing training and came home in December for Christmas and to my surprise 2 weeks after he left I found out I was pregnant again. I went to the Dr immediately because I wanted to avoid another miscarriage. My progesteron levels where @ 7.2 last week and I am getting monitored every week. I went back yesterday and it went up to 10.7 on its own. I was given suppositories of 25mg once every night. I go back next week to see how much my levels went up. I am so excited to be pregnant but I am really scared. I don't want to loose my baby. I hope we can over come this together since our babies are due around the same time. Good luck.
  • Low progesterone
    Hello everyone......I am new to this board and it helps me so much to know that there are other people like me out there. Here is my story..............I had 3 perfectly healthy babies within 4 years. After the birth of my last son, in 2001, I started having some issues with my periods and just figured that my body needed a break. I got pregnant in November of 2004 and lost that baby at 14 weeks. I had no clue my baby had died until I went in for an ultrasound at almost 17 weeks to find out the sex. I was devastated to say the very least. I didn't have any progesterone tests done with that baby because neither my midwife or I had any reason to expect any problems. Then I got pregnant again with another baby in May of 2006 and had my progesterone checked immediately at my midwifes insistance. It was low and I was put on 200mg suppositories once a day. It continued to fluctuate and at one point I believe it dropped to 9 and she told me to use the suppositories 2 times a day. It leveled out after that and at 16 weeks I went off of them. I went in for another ultrasound at nearly 20 weeks to find out the baby's sex and found that my baby had died just days after I went off the progesterone. I never have any cramping or spotting, nothing, just go in to find out the baby's sex and find out that I have been carrying a dead baby for a few weeks. I started using a progesterone cream 4 months ago to try to regulate my periods. It wasn't helping that but I did end up pregnant again. I went in for progesterone tests the day after I found out and my level was 13. They immediately put me on 400mg of progesterone suppositories 3 times a day. A week later I had my levels checked again and it had gone up to 28.5!!! YEA!!!! They told me I could back off the suppositories to 2 times a day and I told them due to my paranoia I probably wouldn't. I decided to do them 2 times one day and 3 times the next day for the next week. I went in and had an ultrasound and found out that I was only 6 weeks and 1 day. I saw my baby's heartbeat and felt reassured that everything would be okay. I also had my bloodwork done that day. I called today to get my test results since they hadn't called me yet and found out that my progesterone is back down to 11. I am so afraid that I am going to lose this baby. I asked my doctor if I could stay on the progesterone the entire pregnancy and he assured me that I could but between 16 and 20 weeks he would switch me to the injections. My last baby died just days after I went off adn I am so afraid I'll go off too early again and lose this one just at a later time. Has anyone else had this happen? Has anyone stayed on progesterone suppositories for their whole pregnancy? thank you for ANY help you can give me. I am trying not to be afraid, but I can't stand the thought of losing another of my children. I am also taking 81mg of aspirin a day to prevent any possible blood clots in my placenta
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    Re: Low Progesterone
    Thanks for your help, just got done with the 100mg clomid and hoping for the best (or at least ovulation). We'll see in a week. Thanks again!
  • I'm proof you can make it!
    Hi all,

    I am new here and had my first child at 25 weeks. I am now at 36 weeks with my second. My progesterone level dropped to 7 during the first month and I was started on progesterone vaginal suppositories (100 mg twice a day). I stayed on these until week 13. Then I was started on 17 alphahydroxyprogesterone shots at week 16 through week 34 since I had a previous preemie. The progesterone suppositories really helped and boosted my levels back up pretty quickly. They aren't the nicest way to take a med but definitely worth it! Good luck!
  • Update from MasonsMom.
    Hello MasonsMom!
    I'm hoping to hear an update from you!!! I am 8 weeks and have had a lot of trouble with my progesterone levels. I started wk 4 at 15.3, then went to 16.6, then to 14.2. That was week 5 which is when I started the progesterone supplements. I now have been at 17.2, 17.7 and 17.2 and have my first ultrasound tomorrow. My HCG has been great, more than doubling each time (I'm at 62437 and on my first day of week eight).
    I would love to hear your feedback and an update on where you are at. I'm due around September 14th, so right around the same time as you!!

  • Why my Progestrone level keep getting low?
    Hello.. I'm new here and i just browsed in. I read some of your posts. Me and my husband has been trying to've a baby for about 2yrs now. Been thru all the tests/ my husband had a small vericocele.. But to our surprise, i got pregnant during Aug. 07' and had a miscarriage w/ in 1month. It was the hardest thing to ever go thru. We were told by the Dr. to wait for 2 cycles b4 trying again.. B4 i got pregnant my progestron..level was 20. We've been trying for a baby again for abt 2mnths now. I'd my Progestrone.. test on Jan.3rd and it was 8.8 and i just had it done again today and its sooo.. down at 0.7!! I'm really worried.. Dr. did prescribed me Clomid 50mg twice a day.. right aftr the 1st progestron..result!! It'll be our first baby and that's v r really desp.. to have it. Does any one one of u had this prob? I hope taking Clomid.. will.. But some posts say that ... they'd to wait for a yr.. almost to get pregnant? So, i'm concerned!!!
  • Low Progesterone

    Sometimes it can take time for levels to build in your system enough to notice results. I used prometrium and got fast results but it didn't help me actually boost my progesterone to the point of ovulating on my own. I had to use supplements for a few months at least, to notice my body functioning on its own and producing adequate hormones to ovulate/menstruate. I would just say give it more time, or if you are really bothered just ask your doctor so you have the reassurance. Just my opinion, but that's how it was for me...
    Good luck!
  • Low progesterone
    First time ttc, just got my progest levels taken 7 dpo and it was a 1.09. Been on clomid for one month 50mg. Is this normal to not have ovulated? I am on 100mg clomid for next month, does anyone have any advice? Thanks for helping.
  • For Natalia's mom
    I encourage you to keep working with and talking with your doctor. At the same time, please don't buy or use progesterone products on your own without first checking with your doctor. While some of these products may have been tested extensively, the safety and effectiveness of many of them have not been demonstrated. Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it's safe (for instance, some poisons are natural).

    About ectopic pregnancy: This can be a very serious and dangerous condition. Here are the warning signs. Some women with an ectopic pregnancy start out with typical early-pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea and *** tenderness. Others have no early symptoms and may not realize they are pregnant. However, about one week after a missed menstrual period, a woman may experience slight, irregular vaginal bleeding that often is brownish in color. Some women mistake this bleeding for a normal menstrual period. The bleeding may be followed by pain in the lower abdomen, often felt mainly on one side. A woman with these symptoms should contact her health care provider promptly or go to a hospital emergency room. Without treatment, these symptoms may be followed in several days or weeks by severe pelvic pain, shoulder pain (due to blood from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy pressing on the diaphragm), faintness, dizziness, nausea or vomiting.

    All of us here at Share are thinking of you and sending you are good wishes,
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  • My Success
    I just wanted to share.
    I had bad progesterone problems and went to a few doctors but had little success. One doctor gave me a 10 day prometrium that helped, but it didn't actually solve my progesterone problem, it just made me menstruate that month.
    Finally I went to a holistic doctor (because everyone else just wanted me on birth control) and he gave me progesterone cream and an herbal estrogen balancing jar of supplements. I faithfully went through about 2 bottles of the supplements and 2-3 bottles of the progesterone cream and have come a long way. I am now pregnant with my third baby and I get my levels checked again on Jan. 3.
    If there is anyone else that has had a hard time getting the results they need, this worked quickly and beautifully for me. Progesterone problems is something you can beat, you just have to find the right care and supplements. Good luck to all of you!
  • RE: Low Progesterone levels
    7 is low, but I have heard of people having lower and still carrying their baby full term.
    I know how tempting it must be to be thinking of every possible thing that can go wrong, but if you have supplements and your doctor knows about it I think you have a good chance of doing fine.
    I personally did the progesterone creams instead of pills and my levels went up very quickly. I would suggest you try the same, there are natural progesterone creams all over the internet and since they are all natural its safer for baby as well. Get your levels checked often, and I would really consider the creams too. I had awesome results and have never miscarried - I'm on my 3rd pregnancy.
    Good luck and stay positive! If you don't get the care you need, look for a holistic doctor, I did that and got much better care.
  • Sorry, meant to say my doctor is thinking it may be an ectopic pregnancy. LOL
  • Low Progesterone at 4 wks
    Hi all! I am new to this site and I just wanted some info regarding the low progesterone in pregnancy. I am 4 weeks 5 days and I went for blood work. My HCG was at 897 and my progesterone is it 9.7. I went a week ago and HCG was 44.8 and prog. was 9.1 I am wanting to know if these readings are ok. My Dr. suggested progesterone supplements of 100mg. I got pregnant off of the menopur shots the first time around. I also have a 2 yr old daughter who I conceived first try off of shots as well but was never told anything about the progesterone with that pregnancy. My daughter is thinking it may be an ectopic preg. this time but I have never had a miscarriage or ectopic. Just wanted some thoughts from you guys please....Thanks for your support!
  • I am soooo. excited!!!
    I went back for my last progestrone test and found out the level is now 10.2.. :sillygrin: :smile: He said he wants me to take them for six months and see if anything happens between now and then. Talk to you all soon.
  • I am confused :confused: I have been on clomid for four months and recently had a progestrone test show that I was ovulating! But, my question is ,I know if you have a 28 day cycle then you will ovulate 14 days after you start your period. Why day 21 for the progestrone test? Is it just to check IF you HAVE ovulated? I thought I knew what I was doing, but my husband confused me. Help with anything you can. Thanks, Jess