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Hi! Some of you know that I am 3 weeks pregnant with suspected twins. My HCG levels are high, however, my doctor called me today to tell me that my progesterone levels are low. It was 7. She prescribed progesterone pills for me. I am reading on the internet and it doesn't look good for me to carry this pregnancy to full term. The information says that doctors prescribe progesterone in vain to save a pregnancy that would have otherwise ended in miscarriage. However, message boards from other women who have had this same problem have carried healthy babies to full term. I was just wondering if anyone had ever had this problem? If so, did you carry to full-term, and what was your progesterone level?

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    Oh I see what you mean...so you had low levels of progesterone with your first child? How did they treat you suppositories, pills, etc.? Well see, I took a HPT about two weeks after my missed period and got a negative. THen I went to the doctor for my yearly pap and they took a HPT on me and it came back positive...that was only like a week after I had taken one...I'm not exactly sure how that worked but when I went to the doctor she said that it was really early and she thought I was about 2 weeks pregnant...? When I went back 2 weeks later for my ultrasound we found out that i was 6 weeks pregnant..I'm not sure how the progesterone level and HPT goes but if i were you I would go ahead and take one...but if you get a negative, don't get down, it may be too early like mine was...

    Please reply with any of your help about progesterone and pregnancy since you said that you had low levels with your first..it's really bothering me that my levels are low (not sure how low) but i am on suppositories and i would like to hear some positive feedback since all i've been seeing is miscarriage miscarriage miscarriage when i did research...

    Thanks so much! :smile:
  • low progesterone
    I am working on getting pregnant. My partner and I have been doing IUI's. THis is our 4th cycle. I got pregnant with our son 5 years ago 1st time. I am wondering why I seem to always have low levels. I have never been this low. But I seem to always be around 4-8.4. Somewhere btw. that. How soon can I take a HPT? Dec. 11 will be 14 DPO. I'm on prometrium though, so I might not get a period anyway. Why levels of Progest. show that at least I have ovulated. They did see a mature follicle during a ultra sound before they did the IUI on Mon. and Tue. of this past week. Thanks again for any information you might have or share. Alli :eek: :eek:
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    i'm not really sure about progesterone levels and to tell whether you're really pregnant or not... my pregnancy caught us by suprise and we found out shortly after that my progesterone levels were low..

    you can get pregnant with low progesterone levels but only to a certain extent of low...i did.
    did you take a HPT? or are you trying to conceive?
  • low progesterone levels
    I just got back my progesterone level It was low it was 3.2 at 3 DPO or CD 16. Does htat mean that I am definatly not pregnant? I am on suppliments now.
  • I'm having the same problem...
    I'm knew on and was doing some research about low progesterone...what i've been seeing is very unpromising...

    i found out that i am six weeks (going one 7) pregnant. my doctor called two days ago and said that my progesterone levels were a "little" low...she put me on the progesterone suppositories and said to take them twice a day until the end of my first trimester.

    i'm really freaking out because i am very excited that this is my first pregnancy and i want to carry this baby...

    PLEASE reply with your stories or anything that would be of any help to me...do i have a chance to carry this baby or is miscarriage inevitable with low progesterone???

    Thanks in advance
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    Hey! I was glad to hear your story. I was told at my last progesterone test, my level was a 6.1 he said that I am ovulationg and that is good . My doctor decided to keep me on 150 mg. and Iam hoping it works again! I have one more test in December and if all is well, then it will be my last test to have done and I will stay on 150mg. until I get pregnant. Good luck to you. :smile:
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    I too started clomid very recenty - August, 2007. (My history: miscarriage at 7 weeks in October 2006. We started trying again in March 2007 and it has been a roller coaster of emotions ever since.) I was diagnosed with PCOS and started taking Metformin in May 2007. Nothing changed so we decided to try Clomid. The first month (50mg) nothing happened, the second month (100 mg) I ovulated and progesterone level was a 9.6. The doctor said this was low, however since I had all the signs of ovulation, I must have ovulated. The third month (100mg) nothing happened. I am about to start my fourth month and we are increasing the dose to 150 mg. I am praying that I ovulate again and I will pray for you too. I think sometimes the hardest thing about this is keeping hope that it will happen. To read your post does give me hope and I think you have the right outlook - stay positive. Has your doctor told you the highest dose of clomid he will put you on or has he mentioned combining progesterone supplements?
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    Re: Pregnant again...
    Jenn- just read your post and was wondering how things were going. I'm in the same boat and waiting for an u/s to give us some answers. I hope you have good news.
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    Re: Very, very low progestone level
    Hi! My name is Jessica Latham. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for four years and in september of 2007 I was put on clomid. My doctor told me that I was not ovulating so he started me out on 50 mg. Well, nothing happened, Every one of my test came back showing that my hormone level was very, very low. And now I am getting ready to start my fourth month at 200 mg and my last progest. test came back at 6.1 so it does help it just takes a while. At least it did for me. I am not pregnant yet but I know if I can go from nothing to 6.1 then I know my day will come.
  • I'm sorry I do not have more information about the levels for you. But I would follow the links that Pam offered.

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    Re: Pregnant again...
    Welcome to Share! I'm sorry - I haven't kept much track of hormone levels, etc. so have no real advice on this - but wanted to welcome you! Good luck with trying to conceive - many of us know how hard that is.

    Take care,
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    Progesterone Levels
    Welcome to Share! My name is Pam and I work with the education department of the March of Dimes. Since you just started taking Clomid, you may find it helpful to read our article about fertility treatments. Here's the link: http://www.marchofdimes.com/pnhec/173_14308.asp

    You may also want to contact Resolve, the national organization for infertility. Their Web site has lots of useful info. Here's the link: http://www.resolve.org/site/PageServer

    I wish you and your husband well.
  • Progesterone Levels
    How do I know what they are and how do I find out what they are?

    Hubby and me have been ttc for almost 4 yrs on our own. We just went to a Dr. I am on my 1st cycle of Clomid, Inj and Progesterone. No one told me what my level was when I went to see if the Clomid helped any. I got 3 eggs this month. Im on CD 23 when do they check me?

    Please any help would be great! :smile:
  • Very, very low progestone level
    Hello, I am new to this board. My husband found it and suggested that I join. We are trying to get pregnant and I have been off of the pill for over two years now, I have had irregular cycles ever since and I've never been pregnant. My doctor started me on Clomid 100mg, went on day 21 for progestrone level and it came backing reading 0.6!!!!!! The nurse told me it should read 10 to show ovulatory, I am not even at a 1 !!!!!!!!! Imagine my discouragement. If someone has ever had readings of this level before, please boost my confidence back up that my husband and I have a chance of getting pregnant. Thank you in advance!! RRoberson
  • Pregnant again...
    Hi - I'm new to this board, but want to see if there is any advise for me. I miscarried about 10 months ago and have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant again until now!!!! I had an HSG done last month that help clear some "debris" from my tubes and resulted in a pregnancy. I took some hpt and got bloodwork done last week. However, my progesterone levels came back low - 6.7. My Dr. put me on a progesterone suppository the day we got back the results (I was 4 weeks 3 days pregnant then). He wants to see me back in tomorrow to check my levels again. What are your experiences with the suppositories? How have levels been affected from one test to the other? I just need peace right now. We want this baby so much. Thanks for you help! - Jennifer