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Not sure if this is where I should post this or not... I was just reading my daughter's medical chart from yesterday. It said that they (the NICU nurses) did a chromosone test on 2/22 b/c my daughter, Emily, has what her chart refers to as: "mild Down's facies and a large forehead. But the nurses never told me about any of this, I just read it in her chart. My question is, has anyone had this happen, and it come back negitive? Down's is no-where in my family or my husbands, and I'm just curious as to why she would have these features.

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  • If you're welcoming a new baby with Down syndrome into your family, you probably have many questions and concerns. Read more here:
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    Re: signs of down syndrom
    I have not heard of weight loss as a "sign" for a possible down's syndrome pregnancy. I know I had a *horrible* case of "morning" (and noon and night!) sickness and lost nearly 20 pounds before I gained any weight in my pregnancy.

    I hope your amnio goes well.

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  • often the drs write things in charts and than dont tell you,we were in the er once and we heard a bunch of drs discussing lilys chest x ray and they were all saying oh it definately chronic lung but we cannot do anything about that tonight so tell mom the x ray was fine and send her home ,im sure though if the test was positive they would have told you it may just have been a theory the dr was considering but did not want to alarm you for nothing.
  • signs of down syndrom
    I had a afp test come back low which is sign of down syndrome in my unborn infant when I was 25 years old and the amnio tested positive for down syndrome and that pregnancy was odd because i lost alot of weight in the months of my pregnancy. I am know 38 and expecting my 5th child. I am 14 weeks and I have lost 21 pounds to date, which has me concerned that maybe something is wrong and I have 2 weeks to wait for my amnio. has anyone out there experiance weight loss in the same case?
  • Jennifer,
    I'm sorry I'm so late in responding to this! I'm also hoping that by me responding, it will bring your discussion back to the top where others might see it.

    I did a quick search on the March of Dimes site on Down Syndrome and it mentions facial features being effected - but nothing specifically about the test results, etc. I would think you would know by now if the results were positive??? I would definitely ask the ped or the neo about this to get some answers.

    Take care - sorry I don't have much experience with this!