Hemangioma under right eye lid

My daughter was seen by the eye doctor today to check for ROP. (She doesn't show any signs so far) Well he also told us she has a hemangioma under her right eye lid. That explains why it has been so puffy and red the past few weeks. The neo told me they wouldn't start to worry about it unless it starts to grow larger and obstruct her vision. As of right now, she can open her eye just fine. Has any one else's child had a hemangioma on thier eye? What should I expect? I know they are a common thing preemies (as well as full term) babies have, but I didn't know it could be on their eye!! I am very worried about her eyesight in that eye!

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    Hello! I'm very sorry for your son and hope he'll be okay. I want to share some information about how to find out if your baby's birthmarks are dangerous for its health: http://motherhow.com/birthmarks/ I think that will be helpful for parents whose kids have similar problems.

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    my 3 month old has one under her left eye about three days before xmas my husband and i noticed her eye was a little puffy and it just kept getting bigger each day and darker purple it looked like a big black eye so a week later we took her to our local ER they did a cat scan and seen a mass behind her eye we of coarse thought the worst like a tumor so they sent us by ambulance to Childrens Hospital in Columbus OH where they did an MRI and found that it was a hemangioma but hers is huge now so they have do steroid injections to try to shrink it because it is pushing her eye ball itself up so they are really worried about her vision there is quite a few options there is a one time surgery to take it out but hers is wrapped around the nerves and muscles so they cant do that then there are oral steroids that have a laundry load of side affects and the one they are doing has minimal side affects but they have to put her to sleep each time and she could need it as often as once a month so that sucks but im sure it will be fine at least she will be to young to remember all she has been through
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    Hello- I stumbled on this stream as I was researching information on Hemangioma's under the eyelid. My son who is almost 4 now has had a hemangioma under his eyelid since about 3 weeks of age. He currently wears glasses due to astygmatism from the birth mark, and we have to patch his "good" eye inorder to strengthen the eye with the hemangioma, as the tendency is to rely on the "stronger" eye, and the "weaker" one does not develop the vision. This birthmark has cause anxiety for us thoughout his life for us his parents, but has not caused much for him. If you want more info, or to chat, feel free to email me and I can answer any personal questions. This condition is an emotional challenge, but as long as is treated properly, is fairly cosmetic. I definitely recommend consultaition with an pediatric opthamologist, which it sounds like you may have. Like I said, we noticed the hemagioma about 3 weeks of age, I don't know how old your child is, but like the neo recommended, don't worry about it unless it starts obstructing the vision.
  • Hemangioma under right eye lid

    This is Lindsay and I work at the March of Dimes. I don't have sepcifics about what to expect because every child's case is different and progresses differently. But here is a link to general information about hemangiomas, including those in the eye lid, that might be useful:

    This is a link to an on-line support group for people who have children with hemangiomas:

    I hope this helps some.

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  • Sorry I don't have any information on this! I agree - I've heard of hemangiomas (though I have no personal experience) but one on my child's *eye* would sound extra scary! Hopefully it will "just" stay like it is and not require further treatment and will not obstruct her vision (and good news on the ROP coming back "clear" so far!!)

    Sorry I don't have more info on this!

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