pregnant again after 3 preterm baby's

Hey, joshua's mom here from the story called "Our liitle superman". Well i just found out that i am 8 weeks pregnant again. Which was unplanned. So now I am kind of scared. So please someone give some words of encouragement. and some advice. Joshua was born at 24 weeks. And before him I had two 21 weekers that were non-viable. And by the way superman is doing wonderful! JENNIFER

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  • Wow! Pray and keep stress free. Wishing you a healthy journey!
  • Hello, Jennifer! I can understand you're scared, but don't let this scare harm you and your future baby. Try to calm down and celebrate every big date your baby comes through. Two months is one of these dates, and three months will be the next: I hope everything will be okay. Lily.
  • Congrats on your new pregnancy. I do hope that everything goes wonderful with your next NINE months!!! :smile:
  • Congratulations
    Congratulations on your wonderful news! I don’t have any advice but just wanted to let you know there are people all over this board that are happy for you and praying for a safe, boring :wink: pregnancy where you get so big and miserable that you are ecstatic. (Only the POPs get that one) Best Wishes!
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    Re: Group B Strep?
    Hi, Laura. I'm Karen, and I work at the March of Dimes National Office. We have information on our Web site about Group B Strep. Here are some links. Hope you find them helpful.

  • Group B Strep?
    I found out after I lost my 1st at 22 weeks thet Group B strep was the problem. Apparently I fall into the small percentile that carries the "bug" throughout the pregnancy to the point that it almost "attacks" the baby. My daughter made it to 24 weeks, with me on antibiotics the whole time and an emergency C-secton. I wonder, does anyone out there know any more about this condition, and if it's feasable to think about having a "normal"pregnancy?
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    Re: Congratulations
    Hi Jennifer,

    Congratulations on your exciting news. I can imagine the anxiety you are having now though too!

    I delivered twin girls at 25 weeks in Feb 2001. I did go on to have another son at 36 weeks in July 2003. I would recommend the same thing everyone else is saying. Find an excellent Perinatologist and been seen often. Listen to your body and if anything is making you feel uneasy call them up. I would call in the middle of the night, on the weekends. I didn't care what time of day or night it was.

    I will be thinking about you. Keep us posted as to how things go for you!

    Take care,
    Karri, mom to:
    Ian 2-11-99 (38 weeks)
    Hanna & Rachel 2-24-01 (25 weeks)
    Will 7-14-03 (36 weeks---13 weeks bedrest)
  • Congratulations
    I had my son at 29 weeks and 6 days. I am now 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I had an emergency c-section due to HELLP and Pre-E. I met with my Perinatalogist before I got pregnant for some reassurance. He wasn't able to promise me anything but did offer to take over my care if and when I became pregnant. At 12 weeks I saw him for the first time and now he is the only doctor I am following up with. You may want to insist on the same. Get a good high risk doctor in your area. We are all behind you and thinking about you! We can do this together.
  • Congratulations
    Hey! Congratulations!!

    I got pregnant for the second time right after my 26 week preemie came home from the hospital. I completely freaked out and cried for a week. My dr was great.....I was with the perinatologist the entire time. And I did get some counseling because I was terrified of having to go through that all again, and it was so overwhelming. You can get through it. Hang in there, and let us know how it goes!!!
  • Hi and Congrats!
    Does your doctor have any explanation why you delivered 3 previous babies so early? I delivered my twins at 25 weeks in May of 1998(I have an older son who was born at 35.5 weeks too) and went on to have my youngest(now 4) at 36.5 weeks. I had a great doctor who monitored me closely. I also had a cerclage in place with him. I again had preterm labor but they were abke to stop it.

    What were your complications last time? Preterm labor? Cervical incompetency? Did you see a specialist during your last pregnancy? I am guessing you did. :-) Anyway, I guess I would just research all of the high risk docs in your area.

    Congrats and best wishes!