4 months pregnancy loss. Looking for similar experience

Was 4 months pregnant. Thought everything was alright the whole time .. I went to a different OB then I usually do and the sonotech found a lot of issues. I was told to come back the next day to "discuss results of the ultrasound" I was so scared. I went in my Regular OB , he told me there was stuff wrong with her spine , that it was growing on the outside. So I was sent to a specialist later found out her liver, heart, bowel & many other organs were on the outside of her body she was getting choked in my womb by amniotic bands. I'm so destroyed I just wanted to know if anyone went through something similar. Was forced to get a d&e because she couldn't live in that condition it was an impossible unfair choice I had to make. I am nervous to get pregnant again. My first pregnancy and I am only 19, I have no words. I want my rainbow baby.. doctors said she had no chance and if she did live major scaring everywhere and could never live normally. I later found out she died inside of me. Advice I am so destroyed