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Hi friends,

I wanted to share my story and seek any advice anyone else has to offer.  Last November 2017, I became pregnant.  The pregnancy was fairly normal besides nausea/throw up every morning.  I then started getting sick only once a week in second trimester. At around 17.5 weeks, my feet/ankles, face, and calves swelled up like balloons.  I was told at my 20 week appointment the last week of March  by an MFM doc to do a 24 hour urine test, see my ob the next week, go to a kidney doc, and follow up with MFM two weeks later.  I followed up with my ob the next week, everything “normal”. I say that because my swelling was still terrible, and I felt terrible, which I was assured was all normal.  On Thursday, April 5 (my 30th birthday ), I got the stomach bug.  I called MFM and the doctor didn’t seem to think i needed a visit, so I didn’t think anything of it.  By the weekend, I thought I was recovering from the flu, but I could barely walk up the stairs without feeling exhausted.  I went to the kidney doctor on the following Tuesday.  My blood pressure was 183/150.  I went to the hospital thinking they were going to monitor me and send me home in the morning.  At 4am a doctor came to tell me that I had HELLP syndrome and severe preeclampsia.  I won’t get into detail, because you all know what the next part feels like.  They told me the baby wouldn’t survive.  There was a chance that I wouldn’t either.  But here I am today, a survivor of the worst fear that every parent dreads.  At only 22 weeks and 5 days, I gave birth to my daughter Evelyn Mary.  She is my angel in heaven!

Now that the sad part is out of the way.  On the good part.  I am ready to try to have a baby again!  I am loving life and dedicated to making it through the next pregnancy.  I am, however, absolutely terrified.  Has anyone been through a similar situation and can offer any help or guidance going into my next pregnancy?

Thank you for reading my story.  Sending all my love, support, prayers, encouragement, and positive energy to every mom living the same pain I do on a daily basis.

Love always,


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  • Hello and welcome to Share. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your little angel. I, too, am a loss mom at 22w5d to twin boys 12 years ago.

    I do not have personal experience with HELLP, but I will suggest a consult with an MFM prior to getting pregnant. He/she can establish a plan for you and your pregnancy that your OB/GYN can follow. I did this after my loss, and again for a subsequent pregnancy.

    Good luck to you. Please check in and let us know how you are.