Glad to find the community

Thank you all for your sharing.  I am so sorry for all your losses and pray that God will heal and comfort all of us.  I am glad to find a community that it is OK not to be ok, and people understand what I am going through.

We just confirmed today that my pregnancy did not go well at 8 weeks.  There was no embro and the sacs stopped growing.  We first knew there might be issue at 6 weeks.  Had two weeks to go through a lot of emotions and prepare for the worst.

I am grateful that we already have three wonderful boys.  As a family, we were so excited about the new baby.  We picked the name, guessed the sex, talked about becoming a bigger family.  I never expected things may not go well as I was blessed with three good pregnancies.  

I have many close friends praying for me.  I know Jesus loves me and my babies.  Though god's plan is different than what we thought, I trust His plan is best.

I still grieve.  Though doctor assured me there was nothing due to what I did.  I kept wondering whether it was caused by a few issues I did not pay attention to before finding out the pregnancy.  

I am still waiting for the miscarriage to happen naturally.  Thanks for your sharing, I will take time to grieve and mourn.  They would have been twins.  Whether they developed or not, they will always be my babies.  I am not sure whether they develop enough that I could see them in heaven in the future.  But I will always hold them in my heart.  

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