New NICU mommy

Hi everyone I am a 1st time mom preeclampsia delivered by c-section at 27weeks ..... this has been the most difficult thing I had to endure in my life. I think I'm battling with ether post-partum or separation anxiety does this sound familiar to anyone? And can anyone share what helped them?

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  • Hi, I am a first time mother too. I had my son at 26 weeks... and also struggling with post-partum. I am still blaming myself for his premature birth. I am still looking for an outlet that can help me with this. For now I am seeking out a therapist, I also just joined this community too so hopefully this works. Let me know if you find another way to cope.
  • Hello and welcome to Share. Congratulations on your little one! The NICU can be such an overwhelming place. I definitely had similar feelings. I would tell myself that he was in the most capable of hands. It was very hard in the beginning. I found the daytime staff to be very short with me. I could tell they were stressed out which didn't calm my nerves. We started visiting the NICU in the evenings after shift change. Not as many visitors, nurses seemed more relaxed, took their time to explain things, involved us more, and encouraged us more. I needed that! I already felt terrible and so defeated, you know? We did that until he was healthy enough to come home. I'm sure daytime visitors felt sorry for our son thinking we never visited, but the daytime staff would see our visits on the log sheet:) It took months after he came home to really process the time spent in the NICU. It is a journey like no other as you know. Keep pumping if you can. That made me feel better, like a job that was helping him to get healthier. Keep a journal and write down the events of the day and how you're feeling. It helps to get those words out. You can unload here too. It's a safe place and you're never alone. Remember, one day or moment at a time.

    Thinking of you guys,