Finding Peace here

Good Afternoon All! My name is Becca. I am here after extensive research surrounding the loss of my son at 21 weeks on May 10, 2019. I am the proud mama of three beautiful children, a 9 year old girl, a 7 year old boy and my angel baby, Bransen. My husband and I experienced a miscarriage a few years ago, so we were nervous when we found out in Feb that we were expecting. We passed the 12 week mark and thought we were okay. We went in for our 21 week ultrasound on the 10th and they couldn't find a heartbeat. We were sent to l&d at noon, and Bransen was born at 11:58pm. Losing a child brings an unimaginable amount of pain. I am finding peace being surrounded by those with similar stories that can relate to what I am feeling!