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Hello my name is Jessica boss I'm 26 year i lost my 2 month old to Sid's today marks one month he passed and 2 months old I ask my self why me? Why I gotta deal with this painful hurt. I just had my son 4/1/19 he was 6 pounds 2 oz 19 inces long I was so happy to because I was a first time mother and my husband was first time dad. It was awesome watching a whole human being born it was a joy to our hearts love I never felt before. May 1.2019 my world was rocked I woke up to my one month old not breathing not doing anything my husband ask me was he suppose to be cold I said hell no I was crying and crying we was rushed to the hospital where we knew already he was gone but it hurts to hear the doctor's ☹️ tell you your son PASSED away. Every single day I go back to What I do wrong? I should've just left him in the bed with us that was the first time we even let sleep in his crib all night that night I took my last picture of my son not knowing that will be the last time I see him alive. I am lost for words it's like my heart was cut out and step on and road all over

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  • Welcome to Share Jessica. I am deeply sorry to read about the loss of your sweet baby boy. I know there are no words that can take away your pain and sorrow. I asked myself those same questions and still do at times as the grief journey is lifelong. We are ten years into ours and there are still some rough days. Continue to lean on each other for support. Hold onto the special memories you have with him. Your love for him and his love for you both is eternal.

    Sending hugs,