Renal Dilation and Echogenic Bowel

Hi ladies, following our 20 weeks scan showing renal dilation and our 28 week scan showing the kidney was still dilated we were referred to a fetal specialist. Had our appointment on Monday with consultant at fetal unit and they said in relation to the dilation that it will just mean more follow up, scans when born and also antibiotics to prevent infection. However now there's an additional worry as the consultant said they the bowel is "bright", also known as echogenic bowel and can be sign of a viral infection or that I had an internal bleed early in pregnancy which wasn't detected and that this has been ingested by the baby and will need to work its way out but won't cause any problems. Also have been tested for CMV, which came back negative. However it can also be a sign of cystic fibrosis. Me and hubby had to have bloods done to see if we are carriers. They said we both have to be carriers for the baby to be a carrier and that even if the baby is a carrier it doesn't mean they'll have cystic fibrosis, there is a 1 in 4 chance. It's still an awful worry though and because of the echogenic bowel along with the right kidney being slightly dilated that this is a soft marker for downs syndrome. They said that every pregnancy has a 1% chance but this increases the risk to 2% which I know isn't a major jump but still so worrying. I've wanted to cry since leaving the hospital but me and hubby promised we would stay positive. Any reassurances would be greatly appreciated. This has been an awful few days

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