My son alarick born sleeping due to negligance of a hospital

My baby boy Alarick... born sleeping...

I found out i was pregnant at 19 i wasnt very happy because it wasnt really in my plans but although i didnt want to be pregnant i was overwhelmed with joy because i was going to be a mother... as i went through the pregnancy i got lots of things from people because i couldnt really afford much seeing my fiance and i had been struggling to find work for months regardless we took what we had and got what we needed for our baby... we went to find out what gender the baby was and it was a perfectly healthy baby boy and we decided on a name for him Alarick... i was 35 weeks pregnant the 13th of june 2019 when i had Prom premature rupture of membranes... yet again my finacial problems lead to me only getting to the hospital 2 days later the 15th june 2019... i was leaking flued slowly for those 2 days before i got to the hospital when i got there i was told its prom.. i didnt get a full check up by a professonal Dr. I had a training nurse checking me she only did a scan of my babies heartbeat and then told me i can go home... because my baby is fine... no internal exam no sonar just a urine test and a scan of the heart... i went home trusting what i was told was true... 2 weeks later the 1st of july i went back to the same hospital because i had contractions... i was yet again helped by 2 training nurses... they couldnt find a heartbeat... they called another nurse... same story then yet another nurse... same story... i was then told a doctor is coming to do a sonar... i went and had the sonar done... the doctor told me my baby stopped growing at 35 weeks of pregnancy.... and that he passed 2-3 days before i came into the hospital...i didnt know what to do or say i just burst into tears... i had an induction done... he was born 22h10 that night... he was so beautiful...i was in so much shock i couldnt hold him... i could only look at him... i cried hoping that he would just start crying...but my prayers werent answered.. i now know everything that was done wrong its my first pregnancy my first baby... i know the nurses didnt do their jobs right... im trying to make legal charges but no one wants to hear me out because i was sent home the 15th of june i cant even get justice for my son im in South africa gauteng in meyerton... i need help i need to know what i can do i cant let them do this to another woman i want them to lose their jobs.. i cant have them do this i want some form of justice... its killing me i feel like ending my life over this i cant go on feeling this way my fiance and i have lost our home after the death of our son and we now still look for work day in and out but we now dont have money to even try and get some justice for our son with different attorneys we have nothing and all i want is my baby back... i want to hold him and keep him safe but i know nothing will bring him back i want my baby... Alarick...

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    Anastasia, I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that Alarick and you will be in my prayers.
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    Thank you for contacting March of Dimes. First of all, I'm really sorry for your loss. The loss of a baby is one of the most painful experiences that can happen to a family. This must be a very difficult time for you.

    March of Dimes does not provide legal advice to families. We are sorry you are going through this difficult time. March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. We support research, lead programs and provide education and advocacy so that every baby can have the best possible start.

    We can provide you with the following resources to help you deal with your loss:
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    • Share a tribute to your little one on our Wall of Remembrance, a safe space for families and loved ones to pay tribute to their babies gone too soon.

    The loss of a baby brings indescribable pain and grief. Please take care of yourself. Be aware of your emotions and feelings. Learn the signs of postpartum depression and look for help if you think you have postpartum depression. Learn more:
    • Postpartum Progress
    • Postpartum Support International, 800-944-4PPD (4773)

    All materials provided by March of Dimes are for information purposes only and do not constitute medical advice.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I hope these resources are helpful and I hope you continue to update us on your journey. You are not alone. We are here for you! Sending lots of love to you <3