I loss my son in December and it's been hell

I didn't know I was pregnant with my second son at 43 years old. I just thought I was sick and went in to see my doctor and she ran some tests on me. It came back that I was pregnant and we were so happy.
At my 1st ultrasound I found out that I was not just pregnant but I was 18 weeks pregnant, and because of my age and weight I was a high risk so I got to see the doctor more. The more tests they did, the more problems that came back. My blood type had an antigen KIDD which led to my son having an antigen JKA. At first they thought he had some type of genic problems. The whole time I was pregnant I keep having small headaches and what I thought was asthma pains. There were small amounts of protein in my urine, but no one was worried.
I went for my 24 week checkup and it was all bad. The doctor said my son wasn’t growing right and that he should be bigger and that his placenta was more like a bush and not like tree roots. She sent me to L&D to do a stress test for the baby and my blood pressure was very high. By time they got my blood pressure down, the doctors told me that my blood work said my liver was failing and that we need to do an emergency C-section. I had preeclampsia, and something called HELLP syndrome. Everything was happening so fast. My husband and I cried, I just keep saying he would be too little.
My baby boy Dominico Jensen Gomez was born on October 11, 2018 at 24.3 weeks old and weight 1lb 3.8oz and 11 ½ inches long. He lived for 57 days in the Kaiser Oakland NICU before going to Heaven on December 8, 2018. That was the longest 57 days of my life and hardest days of my life are still going on just dealing with depression and anxiety attacks. I never struggled with depression until after the death of my son, I was always this happy person that wanted to be around others.
I’m still on medications for my high blood pressure which is now in the normal range. I was told that it is very likely that I will have the same problems if we got pregnant again. So if you are having any types of pain when pregnant tell your doctor, I thought my pain was asthma. I never in my life would have thought it was my liver.

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  • Hi , welcome to Share and thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm very sorry for the loss of your baby Dominico... what a beautiful name. I hope you continue to share your journey with us and keep us updated on how you and your family are doing. We're here to offer support and comfort - you are not alone!

    If you feel comfortable, you can share a memorial for Dominico Jensen on our Wall of Remembrance, a space for families and loved ones to pay tribute to their babies gone too soon. You can write a tribute at www.marchofdimes.org/remembrancewall.

    Lots of love to you and your family.