Hi everyone

Im totally heartbroken and lost. I have to give birth to my baby girl tomorrow who sadly will never be coming  home with me. I went for my scan yesterday and was told there was no heartbeat. My fiance and I are devasted.   I had 2 previous miscarriages last year. Is it time to give up hope of another baby?


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    I agree! Don’t give up. I had a 39 week stillbirth in 2004 ( my third child) and went on to have three more children. Then I had a miscarriage. And then another miscarriage. And then a 34 week stillbirth in 2014. I felt like my body had betrayed me. No way could I ever have another baby. I was going to give up. The thing was that my first stillbirth was a boy and my five living wonderful amazing children were all girls! I knew that while my husband was absolutely crazy over my girls and even cried more at my second stillbirth- another girl!- than he did at the first, that deep down he would have loved to have had a son. I decided I can give it another go- knowing that no matter the gender, so long as the baby was healthy we’d be over the moon. I went on progesterone and had many sonos and in 2015 at 37 weeks induction , I gave birth to my healthy beautiful son who is the apple of his doting sisters. It was a very scary pregnancy and I was turning 40 but it was worth it!! Don’t give up!! You will have many healthy beautiful children. I was pregnant for four years straight- or so it felt- but did have that healthy baby despite three losses in a row.
  • Hi Clare,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I truly understand your pain. My first pregnancy was a year ago and I also loss my baby boy at 20 weeks. I had a UTI and a weak cervix that I didn't know about until the day my water broke. It was the most difficult day of my life to know I had to give birth to a baby I couldn't bring home. I then got pregnant in Dec, which I was so happy about, and again I had a miscarriage very early. I went to for a scan at 7 weeks to see if we can see a heartbeat and the sac was empty. It was the week before Christmas. I spent the holidays bleeding everything out. It was another sad moment for me. I then got my first period in Feb and found out I was pregnant in March. I am now 28 weeks with a cerclage in place, on progesterone, and on bed rest. Please don't give up. It is easier said than done, but your time will come again that you will have your rainbow /miracle baby. Pray as much as you can. Keep a journal and write to your baby girl because she is now watching over you and will protect you on your next pregnancy. Prayers your way and hope you can slowly deal with this.