A little hope on back-to-school day

I have very rarely shared my family story... mostly because I feel like it's not my story to tell. But I thought today would be a good day to and what better place to share than in this community I love so much.

My sister has PCOS and it took years and lots of heartbreak for her to start her family. We had never even heard of PCOS until she was diagnosed with it. She had to take shots and medicine - it really took a toll on her and on me, as her support system, to watch her go through it. I think the toughest part was that she was surrounded by pregnant women! All of her closest friends got pregnant in the same year. She's a teacher and 19 teachers in her school were pregnant at one time. It was like we couldn't get away from it. But she pulled through, went to every baby shower, rubbed the mommy's belly and smiled for the camera. But I know deep down, she was aching. I was having such a hard time with it all, I can only imagine how she felt. Fast forward to 2016 and my sweet nephew was born. He's been such a blessing to us all. He's happy, healthy and I just love him sooo much.

I share this today because it's his first day of school. He's in Pre-K 3! But I remember seeing all the back-to-school photos and feeling such a pang in my heart. So, to all the mamas and dads who are scrolling through their social media today with nonstop pictures of kids - and you're smiling on the outside but hurting inside - do not lose hope. I know it can be a tough day. I will hold your hand just like I held my sisters - we're all here for you! You're not alone.

Share has brought me lots of strength and hope as my sister starts her journey again. Next month, she has a doctor's appointment to learn more about the best path to baby #2.