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i’m not sure what to say really but i have an 8 year old boy perfect pregnancy born on his due date 8 pounds and I have an 18 month old beautiful amazing  boy born 29 weeks 3 pounds with a few problems, my water broke at 14 weeks a complete rupture he was not expected to make it but he did at 29 weeks i had an emergency c section he beat all the odds but ended up with brain damage due to lack of oxygen he’s been diagnosed with CP we go to many therapies and we have high hopes, i don’t want to try again now but maybe in a couple years i really want to have one more baby but i’m so scared. has anyone had any experience with this? anyone had a baby born early with some problems then another one, how’d it turn out for you any advice?

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  • Hello and welcome to Share. No worries, I think all of us had the same thought at one time or another:) We either stumbled upon or were led to this site because we found ourselves dealing with life's unexpectedness. Well, congratulations on both of your boys! You have been through so much with his delivery, diagnosis, and multiple therapies. I'm sure it's overwhelming at times. Whether they are at-home, in-clinic, or a combo of both, the therapies can be hard. I hope that you have found providers you trust and are seeing a happy kiddo. I'm sure with time, you'll know best when to grow your family. From my own experience, each pregnancy is different. Because you delivered early, you'd likely want to see a Maternal Fetal Specialist, if you weren't prior, to discuss things and maybe run some more labs. Hope this helps a little.

    Happy New Year,