My First Baby

Hello, my name is Latifah. My daughter was born Jan. 7, 2020 at 26+2 she weighted 1.8lbs. Her original due date was April 12. She is currently in NICU, this is my first child so this is all very new to me. I struggled with my pregnancy I was under so much stress and pressure, I was admitted to the hospital on several occasions diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. But as time progressed the doctors told me that everything was fine, still didn’t really stop the stress I had going on but knowing she was ok helped a little bit. On Dec. 30, 2019 i woke up in pain, more so than usual where my daughter at this time learning how to kick lol (it was a routine she’d do everyday, I’ll know she’s ok because she would kick me) but this time something didn’t feel right. 6pm I went to the ER and they checked me turns out I was in preterm labor I was already dilated 5cm, they gave me the steroid shots and started me on the magnesium sulfate gave me an ultrasound, the works. The doctor came in and told me my baby was breech that’s why I was feeling the pain I was because she was kicking downward but my water hadn’t broken yet which they said was a good thing. They said I needed to prepare myself because she was coming and that I was going to have a c-section but if they could get the labor to stop I would be put on bed rest. By 11:30pm contractions had stop completely but I was checked into the hospital on the preterm side of the pavilion. The next day the specialist came in and we talked she said, I have an incompetent cervix, that I did everything right but my body can’t hold the baby, that I would remain on bed rest until she was born. I had a lot of emotions going on but I told them that I wasn’t agreeing to anything that my baby was running this show and however she wanted to move that’s what we were doing. They said they wasn’t going to check my cervix anymore because they didn’t want my water to break, so I stayed on bed rest for a week. Jan 7 comes 4pm I started to feel that same pain again only it was getting worse and worse as the hours went and it wasn’t stopping the doctor came in around 5:45pm and even though she didn’t want to she checked and I had dilated 7cm and my baby flipped so she was now head first, so they prepared me for a normal delivery no medication because I was too far along for it. My mind was all over the place and I was scared to death because she was super early but I said this was her show so if she was ready to come I got ready to bring her into the world. My water broke at 7:50pm and at 7:59 with one push my baby was brought into this world. She had no complications just her weight and her organs were still very immature, so she began her stay in the NICU. She’s currently 35 weeks and weighs 4lbs 9oz, she is breast and bottle fed and they just removed the feeding tube from her. I am so thankful and blessed because I know that this could have went in a totally different direction but I believe that my baby is a fighter and she definitely has a story to tell. As I said this is all new to me and I joined this community to learn from people who have experienced this whether it was a happy ending or a not so happy ending, also I feel better knowing that I’m not going through this alone I’ve been so shut down from all of this this is my first time sharing my story and I hope that my experience can be an inspiration to others even though our journey is not quite complete I am still thankful for how far we have come.