A big hello-Happy Mothers Day!

I am new to this site-a retired NICU nurse & practitioner.  Hoping I may be able to give some support and encouragement to each and every one of you. Over my many years of working with families such as you, and your babies, I have never previously, or since seen such courage. I know that having a pregnancy/or new baby/child loss is truly one of the greatest losses we will ever experience in life.  Almost unbearable.  One thing this forum will tell you, or is that you are not alone. There are moms and dads who really understand a lot of what you are going through. Some are further along the journey than others, and they can help you begin to understand the process.
I did not take care of your baby. So I have no knowledge of any specifics. But if I can help you begin to understand a disease, certain medical language, I am more than happy to try if needed.  As parents, as a mother that carried or sometimes miscarried our babies, we are really good at beating ourselves up. Please do not do that! No matter how short a time you were pregnant, carried your baby. You are, and have been this child's mother! Recognize that, take it in! Let any shame or blame go! It really helps to try and express your feelings.  Journaling really helps!
Congratulations! To have the courage to be part of this blog is really important in your healing process.

I support you all! Many blessings on this Mother's Day!

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