My First Pregnancy Experience: Ectopic

Hi Everyone! This is my story...

After a year of trying my husband and I were so happy to announce to our families that we were pregnant, but it came with complications. After finding out I was pregnant (May 20th), I had a lot of unusual bleeding and cramps. My doctor told me that I possibly was having a miscarriage but my Hcg levels continued to rise. So, for about two weeks, I went in constantly to get blood work and ultrasounds.

On June 2nd, I got my blood drawn and another ultrasound. The ultrasound showed no gestational sac in my uterus and nothing growing in my Fallopian tubes. I met with my OB that day and we discussed doing another check on June 5th and discussed the possibility of doing methotrexate to stop the growth of the embryo (the baby wasn’t growing in my uterus and wouldn’t have been a viable pregnancy). I told my OB that I was having one sided sharp, intermittent pain and some spotting. They told me that my pain was possibly due to a ruptured cyst that they have seen on my ovaries.

On June 3rd, I went to work (7pm). It was a normal workday and prior to my shift I was having no pains. As I started saying hello to all my patients, I had a sudden sharp stabbing pain to my right side that was radiating to my back and leg. I tried walking it off, but it just kept getting worse. So, I spoke to the charge nurse and one of my managers. I had every intention to continue on with work, I just wanted to let them know I was having these pains and needed a second. Within minutes, I couldn’t stand or walk anymore the pain was too much. One of my managers wheel-chaired me down to the Emergency room.

They did blood work and an ultrasound. My hcg levels were dropping and the ultrasound showed the embryo was growing in my right fallopian tube. Thankfully, my Fallopian tube was not fully ruptured, but they found fluid in the ultrasound and needed to make sure it wasn’t blood.

Early morning of June 4th… they removed my right Fallopian tube.

Everything happened so fast. In the moment, all I could do was think of the pain and think of the steps I needed to take to keep myself safe. I am now able to start processing all that has happened to me. This was my first pregnancy. If you know me… you’ll know that I’ve been wanting to be a mother my whole life.

My heart is broken.

The excitement and joy that we felt through our family was indescribable. The love that my husband and I felt for each other was stronger and different. We were ready to love as parents. We desperately want to love as parents. My husband kissing me and my belly every morning for those two weeks was the best feeling… I know we’ll get that moment again…

Ectopic pregnancy is rare, but it happened to me. It wasn’t my fault and there is no way of predicting when and if it’ll happen to you. If you’ve experienced this you’re not alone. Please share your experiences. I’ve spoken to other women in my therapy groups, read many blogs and watched many YouTubes on different women's experiences with an ectopic pregnancy. I have been researching ectopics and am making it a point to spread awareness.

I will spread awareness on ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages.

Too many times, women including myself, feel like because we weren’t able to hear a heartbeat on our ultrasounds our experience with pregnancy is less than others. We are often filled with feelings of anger, shame, inadequacy, loneliness, anxiety and/or silence. We need to share our experiences with each other, together we can heal. You are not alone.


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  • Hi, deeorin. Thank you for sharing your story. Hope you're doing well. I had an ectopic pregnancy almost at the same time. My surgery was at may 27 this year. I was 8 weeks. It was my first pregnancy. My husband and I were trying for almost 3 years. Of course I discussed it with the doctor why I couldn't get pregnant, they checked everything: blood for hormones and other exams. Turned out I was healthy, but I was 35; 36 now. At this age it can be a challenge. So I got pregnant, my husband and I were so happy. And everything was just great, I dint have any pain, nor bleeding. I went to the doctor at may 21. They did an ultrasound and didn't find anything in my uterus. I remember lying and looking on the screen while this procedure , and there was nothing on the screen, just grey ripples, and doctor looked a bit confused. my heart went crazy, I couldn't hear anything but its beating. They'd done my blood test for HCG ( the result came back on Saturday, it was about 5000), I wanted to tell all this to my husband and rushed home, 10 min to home were the longest in my life. Then it was Memorial day. Next blood work on Tuesday may 26. HCG about 12000. still no pain, no bleeding. I had a hope, that everything was ok, because I read million of forums, blogs, etc; pain and bleeding are symptoms, I didn't have them, then everything was going to be ok. But not, another ultrasound on may 27. They tried Doppler, didn't find anything, then again transvaginal ultrasound. They examined me like half an hour. then finally they push on my belly and were able to see it in my left Fallopian tube. Sent me to the hospital. My husband came to me in minutes. They checked my hormones again, it was over 13000. Doctor said its to late to do methotrexate, only surgery was an option. So here I am: 36, no kids and 1 Fallopian tube. I don't feel like I lost the baby, I'm just thankful for not letting me suffer from pain and other difficulties. It's a life threatening situation, ectopic pregnancy is never viable pregnancy. But I concerned if I ever get pregnant again, what are odds I get another ectopic, etc. I feel like I lost time. I feel sad, failure, have a bit of apathy, but still hope for the best.