Hello, I am new here and I'm dealing with a loss of my baby girl. I was full term when baby arrived. I gave birth on the 7th Sept 2020. I got discharged on the 8th Sept 2020. I got home ,she was okay however she wasnt taking breastmilk.. she was sucking really slowly. After  i put her to bed, i noticed that she has has been sleeping for quite sometime and thats when i noticed she wasnt breathing. I rushed her to hospital and few hours later , i was told my  baby is gone. Doctors told me , she got choked from the breastmilk or it could be SIDS. Milk went to the lungs. Its been a week now and i miss her everyday. Im not coping. I only got to hold her for less than 48 hours. I am here looking for support from others who can relate and to share my story.