Hello, I am new here and I'm dealing with a loss of my baby girl. I was full term when baby arrived. I gave birth on the 7th Sept 2020. I got discharged on the 8th Sept 2020. I got home ,she was okay however she wasnt taking breastmilk.. she was sucking really slowly. After  i put her to bed, i noticed that she has has been sleeping for quite sometime and thats when i noticed she wasnt breathing. I rushed her to hospital and few hours later , i was told my  baby is gone. Doctors told me , she got choked from the breastmilk or it could be SIDS. Milk went to the lungs. Its been a week now and i miss her everyday. Im not coping. I only got to hold her for less than 48 hours. I am here looking for support from others who can relate and to share my story.

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  • Hi I too have similar baby girl was delivered on 23 June 2020..she was 2.4 kg..she was doing perfectly fine and every thing was going well..on 19 Oct 2020 early morning hours we found her still..she was about to get 4 months old in 4 days...her weight was 5.2 kgs..she also got choked by her own spit up in deep sleep due to which she got asphyxiated..kind of silent aspiration case..I raised her for around 4 months and then suddenly she is no more..she used to spit up milk after feeds but doc and every one else said that's normal thing infants do..we never knew this thing would finally take her away from us one day...each day I find it so difficult to drag myself..I have an elder daughter to ..I try to keep busy with her but inside I m totally trying to look for some spiritual thoughts to overcome this phase ..may god give u strength to bear this...m praying daily.. keeping my faith in God...may b universe will conspire to bring her back to us