Lost our baby on her due date

We had tests (non-stress test and ultrasound) on July 24th because Eliana had a two-vessel cord and everything looked good according to the nurse. July 25th was her due date and we went to a birthing class at the hospital on that date! When we got home I did a kick count and wasn't getting anything. We went back to the hospital only to find out there was no heartbeat. I gave birth to our daughter... our first child... on July 27th as a stillborn. She was absolutely beautiful and had jet black hair like her dad. It turns out there was a 50% abruption... I had never had any physical trauma to the abdomen, never done any drugs or smoked, and never had any bleeding. We're still waiting on bloodwork to see if I have some sort of genetic clotting factor. During the non-stress test, her heart rate was in the 160's and had even dropped to 0 a couple of times but it had always been in the 130s the whole pregnancy and now I'm wondering if that meant anything. I know I'm just questioning everything but I hear that's how this goes. 

I miss my little Eliana Bella Rose so dearly <3 

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  • Hi , I'm so sorry for your loss. Eliana Bella Rose is such a beautiful name <3 Thank you for sharing your story. Know that you are not alone and this is not your fault. Sending you lots of love. I hope you'll keep us updated on how you and your family are doing. We're here for you.