Baby Loss

Hi My name is Johanna,

We lost our babygirl Amelia Rose at 23w4d just 6 weeks ago. It was the worst thing I’ve ever been through but I’m grateful I had the chance to hold and touch my baby girl. I have been given the green light by my Drs to give it another try if I’m ready. I don’t know how soon is to soon, I worry of going through this again even though there was really no reason for the loss of the baby.

I did suffer severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum during the pregnancy but they deducted that it was not the cause of my loss.

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  • Hi Johanna,

    I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Amelia Rose. What a beautiful name she has. Like you, I lost my first babies, twin boys at 23 weeks. Their names are Sawyer & Tristan. We got to hold our babies and get to know them over 6 days they were alive but ultimately they passed away due to their prematurity. Its been 7.5 years and it still affects us deeply and we miss them so. My only advice would be to find doctors that want to help you- do research and advocate for your self when something doesn't feel right. None of my doctors could tell me that it was my weak cervix that made me go into labor too quickly. But after doing some research about others experience with preterm birth, I decided to take one thing off the table and get a permanent cerclage. I flew to Chicago from texas after speaking to a dr in chicago who i knew would advocate for me, Dr. Haney. He placed a permanent cerclage and a year later I had full term twin girls. Find you a doctor who will advocate for you and a group of strong mamas who have our back. I will be thinking about you....