Hello all! I am new to this group. Just wanted to briefly share my story. I am new to the world of premature babies. I had three healthy baby boys all full term. I did lose a little girl at 15 weeks in between two of my boys, but I still am not sure what caused that loss. There were some complications throughout that my doctor never truly explored. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter on February 4, 2020. I went into the doctor thinking I had a kidney infection. He asked if I was pregnant and I assured him that was not possible, I was a single mom, and I was sure there was no way it had happened, I wasn't even seeing anyone. Lo and behold, the doctor called me back at work to come in and do blood work because they tested my urine to be on the safe side before they did a CT scan looking for kidney stones and it came back positive. I kid you not, I nearly passed out from shock. I could not believe it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized when it happened. A few weeks prior I had a date that could not take no for an answer. Yeah.... And I was processing all this, got the blood work done to confirm how far along I was and on my way home I got rear ended by a semi truck. Luckily neither my son or myself was hurt too bad. I was sure I was going to lose this baby I just found out about mere hours before, but I ended up only spotting a few days and things were normal. Went to every appointment and they said things were just fine. I had my appointment at 28 weeks and they said she was progressing nicely and things were looking really good. The next day at work, my water broke. I didn't realize at the time what it was (wasn't a gush, kinda half a gush and then trickle) and honestly thought I just REALLY had to go to the bathroom. It continued to leak but again, thought it was my bladder. I made it home and got my toddler situated with a babysitter and headed to the ER because they told me to head to labor and delivery if I even THOUGHT i had broke water. While I was checking it, it fully ruptured. I was slightly freaking out on the inside, thinking I was having a baby that night. I was shocked when they said they were admitting me and keeping me pregnant as long as possible. I had never hear of PPROM until that night. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital during covid, by myself holding that girl in. She finally decided 3 weeks was long enough and I went into labor on my own. She was breech and we knew that, but they tried to stop labor thinking it would work so I labored on my own, with nothing but tylenol (I still tease the doctor about that) and then ended up being dialated to a 6 after a few hours and they sent me in to a C section. She came out tiny but crying loud! She was 3 pounds 12 oz and they were quick to get her taken care of. She honestly was amazing from the beginning and they were very impressed how well she did and how fast she progressed. She was thankfully a feeder and a grower, but she took her sweet time learning to eat enough to go home. She spent 8 weeks in the NICU and I will forever be so grateful to all those amazing nurses who celebrated with me when she hit her milestones they wanted her to and how amazing they were to take care of her when I was not able to be there with her. She was a tiny little thing and now she is 8 months old and absolutely healthy in every way and the cutest little thing ever who is adored by her 3 older brothers. I now have a much greater appreciation for NICU nurses, MFM doctors, and honestly any mom who has to go through anything similar. I know I was really lucky in the fact that she was premature but did not have any medical issues that were lasting. So many moms go through so much worse, but I have complete and total empathy for anyone who has any journey with a premature baby. Anyway, that is my story as condensed as I could make it. I am excited to be part of this group and find people who have similar experiences.